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A local Long Island Author and Mom, Denise D’Angelo Roland who is an advocate for digital health has two children’s books available that helps encourage families to have more “unplugged time” and have more of a healthy relationship with screen time. Both of her books are winner’s of Mom’s Choice Awards and we encourage you to read these with your family. The books are well written and are a great conversation starter and in the back of each book are great guided questions and activities. I really appreciate these books since I am so passionate about encouraging families and close friends to find activities they love to share and create traditions together.

Please, Look Up At Me

In her book, Please Look Up At Me you can relate to the day to day occurances between the family in the book and it allows each member of your family to relate to the story.

The book description reads:

“Mama is concerned by how much Kate loves to look at her tablet. At first, Kate feels that Mama is overreacting. But after giving it more thought, Kate finds understanding in Mama’s plea.”

I have a favorite quote from the book :

“Although you might not see it now, your screen cannot replace the precious time spent looking at your loved one’s cherished face.”

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Papa’s Gift

In the book Papa’s Gift, you will feel so connected to the story because it is clearly written from a familiar place. You feel like you know what it is like to visit Papa’s farm and will want to include those moments in your day, as well.

The book description reads:

“Kurt and Papa have a special bond. Kurt knows there’s something wonderful about being at Papa’s farm, but he can’t figure out just what it is. Spend the weekend unplugged at the farm with Papa, Kurt, and his family to reveal the magic of Papa’s Gift.”

Purchase your copy of the book: on Amazon or on Mascot Books

About the Author:

Award-winning children’s book author of Please, Look up at Me and Papa’s Gift and founder of Intentionally Unplugged, Denise Roland is a veteran teacher and advocate for digital health. Denise attended Long Island University and graduated summa cum laude and earned a BA in psychology. She continued her education at Hofstra University, earning a MS in school counseling and a MS in health education, both with highest distinction. Today, she continues her twenty-year career in teaching on the eastern end of Long Island, where she lives with her husband and three kids, whom she loves to connect with more than anything.

Check out the Intentionally Unplugged Website for more information, resources, intentionally unplugged merchandise and more. “Intentionally Unplugged is an educational movement aimed at providing tools for families who hope to carve quality time together in the digital world.”


We all know that screen time takes up a lot of our time during the day. Reading these books as a family has helped us realize how we have all been guilty of being preoccupied by our phones or tablets and not being engaged in something happening in our home. We have pledged to make sure we set up “breaks” from our devices and do things we love to do as a family whether it is prepare a meal together, play board games or play a family game of basketball.



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