Fireworks Salt Painting with Watercolors

We love painting with watercolors and I love doing a rainy day activity with the girls that includes art and an upcoming holiday. Since the 4th of July is so close we decided to do a fireworks picture. I was inspired to do this Fireworks Salt Painting thanks to a Crafty Morning pin on Pinterest.

All you need is:

Iodized Salt

Elmer’s School Glue

Watercolor Paints

Black Construction Paper

Paint Brush

Also: Paper towels, water in a cup or dish and a bowl for salt


Get your supplies ready and set up with paper towels underneath the construction paper you are using.

First, with your glue, draw the fireworks.

Then, cover the glue with salt from bowl and shake excess back into the bowl you had the salt in.

Dip the paintbrush into the water and then onto the water color of your choice and then back into the water and then place paintbrush on area you would like color to appear.

You will see the color move onto the salt covered glue.

It is a fun project for the 4th of July or anytime you want something to do on a rainy day. You can also write your name or draw any shapes you want with the glue and cover with salt.

*be aware: salt will get all over and you will have to vacuum it up. It is a messy project but, so fun! Lol



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