7 Kitchen Hacks Every Clever Mom Should Know

As a mother, the kitchen is one of the most sacred rooms in your house. You need to ensure that your family is well-fed with nutritious home-cooked meals. 

However, being in the kitchen is not only about great cooking; it is also about working smartly and efficiently. If you cook every day, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. 

Some hacks can help you spend much less time in the kitchen. You can use your spare time to do other things you like, for example, spend time with your kids. 

The following are seven kitchen hacks that every clever mom should know:

1. Wooden Spoon Hack

When you are boiling things like rice in a cooking pot, the water tends to spill out and create a mess that you have to clean when hot. What if I told you that you have been doing so much work which you could avoid with a simple hack? 

To prevent water from boiling over in a cooking pot, all you have to do to prevent water from boiling over in a cooking pot is to place a wooden spoon pot over the cooking pot. Just put it right across the center of the pot and go about your cooking business. It is so simple and easy.

2. Clear Ice Cubes

Do you ever get the ice cubes out of your freezer or ice cube and wish they were crystal clear? Well, I have a hack for you that will do just that. You will be surprised at how simple it is. The next time you want to put water in your freezer or fridge for ice, boil the water first. Let it cool, and then place it in the refrigerator or freezer. That’s all you have to do, and the next batch of ice will be crystal clear. Great for when you are entertaining guests and serving drinks in clear glasses.

3. Freeze Drying

Waiting for food to dry can be so tedious and time-consuming. An incredible hack to use if you want to dry food for transport or preserve it is freeze-drying. You will need a freeze dryer to do so. A freeze dryer will freeze the food, reduce the pressure and then heat it to turn all the moisture into vapor. According to this article, freeze-drying has been used for decades by hunters and mountaineers. It is only recently that it has gained mainstream attention. 

Freeze-dried food is not dehydrated food. Freeze-dried food will retain more of the food’s nutrients and will last longer.

4. Garlic Hack

As a mom, you probably use garlic a lot which means plenty of time peeling. Peeling garlic is tedious and can leave the worst odors on your fingers. A hack to easily peel the garlic is to place it in a jar, shake it, and that is it. Once you take it out of the jar, you will have to do minimal peeling. How much of a time-saver is that?

5. Shredding Chicken

When you need to make chicken soup, burritos, or casseroles, shredded chicken works best. However, shredding the chicken is one tough job. However, there is a hack to help you do it quickly and efficiently. It would be best if you cooked or boiled the chicken in saltwater. Wait for the chicken to cool. Put the chicken in a mixer and turn it on. The mixer will shred your chicken entirely in a matter of minutes. You should not mix it too long, or you will pulverize the chicken, and it will not be shredded. Also, don’t let the chicken be too soft as it can be too tender for shredding.

6. Scooping Egg Shells

Eggs are a part of breakfast in many homes. If you are a mom who often makes eggs, you probably drop pieces of the eggshells into the bowl. As you know, getting the small eggshell pieces out can be a tremendous task. A fantastic hack is to use other eggshells to remove the eggshell pieces in the bowl. Eggshell pieces like to stick together, and it makes removing small eggshell pieces very easy. Indeed, it beats trying to use your finger. 

7. Clear Odors with Stainless Steel


When you handle foods with strong odors like garlic, fish, and others, the smell can stick to your hands even after washing your hands repeatedly with soap and water. You can use stainless steel to help deodorize your hands and remove most of the smell. Apply soap or cleaner fluid to your hands and rub them against a stainless-steel surface like the sink. Your hands will smell great afterward.

A kitchen is a place many moms will spend their time, and most wish they could spend less. Every mom should know the seven hacks above as it would help them save so much time and effort. There are so many more hacks, so keep searching for what works for you.

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