Useful Tips to Make Family Game Night More Fun

Family Game Nights Are A Great Opportunity For Everyone To Come Together And Build Stronger Bonds

A family game night helps you strengthen your relationship with other members. It gives you an opportunity to have some gentle conversation and share a few laughs. The younger members of the family get to practice their social skills and even their academic skills are enhanced as they memorize or think of strategies to win. 

Playing with your family will help you form long-lasting happy memories that you can look back at for years to come. Below are some useful tips to make a family game night a memorable one. 

Select The Right Timing

As most adult members of the family would be working and younger ones will need to be in bed at a certain time daily, select a day that is convenient for all. Apart from weekends, you can also organize a game night on public holidays wherein all age groups can come. If you are looking at playing games with your family that already lives with you well then you don’t really need any specific timing. It can be done after dinner instead of TV time or whenever everyone is available. If you intend to invite your extended family, one good way is to make it a tradition and pick one day every month to enjoy the game night. That way everyone can keep themselves free that day. 

The Game And Its Rules

Try to select two more games and keep them ready when the family sits down to play together. If the first game doesn’t stir any excitement, you will have a backup plan. One of the best things to do is to keep a stack of playing cards handy with you. You can play several types of games with cards so you won’t need to collect different items for a variety of games. If the game goes wrong you will be able to easily ditch it and try the next one. Make sure the rules of the games are properly laid out and explained to everyone so there is no confusion later on. A good idea is to email the rules to everyone beforehand so they can be well-versed with it before they come. 

Set-Up For The Night

There really isn’t much decor that you need to do. However, you can set a small basket near the door for everyone to keep their mobile phones away while they are playing so there are no distractions and everyone can focus on enjoying themselves. Food and drinks are definitely something that is a vital part of the game night. Keep some finger food or canapes that can be eaten easily as you all play and don’t create a mess. You can keep some beer for the adults and some juices for the children.

Be Patient And Relax

Getting the family together in one place in itself is an ordeal. Over that, trying to get everyone to participate, explain the rules of the games, and settle down can be a little frustrating. Try to keep calm and be patient with everyone. By shouting or screaming at them, you will only spoil their mood. 

Remember that the whole idea of family game night is to have fun and when it comes to fun, rules will only dampen the spirit.


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