7 Tips to Onboarding New Employees for Your Company

When you hire a new employee, it’s important to make sure they feel welcome and ready to go on their first day. This is why the onboarding process is such an important part of the hiring process. If you want to optimize your onboarding process and give new employees the best experience when starting at your company, here are seven tips to follow.

1. Give a Warm Welcome

Onboarding should always start with a warm welcome. You want new employees to know that you’re happy to have them there, so make sure you tell them how excited you are to get started and let them know that you’re available to answer any questions. You can even welcome new employees with a gift basket or gift card to make their first day even more special.

2. Make It Personal

While you don’t need to lay out the red carpet for new employees, it’s important to make the onboarding process personal so they feel appreciated. When you hire a new employee, find out a little bit about their family, what they enjoy doing, and more. You don’t want your employees to feel like they can’t have a work-life balance at your company.

3. Start Slow

It can be tempting to get new employees started and have them take on a full workload right away, but make sure you start slow. New employees have plenty of time to learn your workflow and get accustomed to their daily duties, and that’s what you should focus on for the first few weeks. Make sure they have all the tools they need for success. You can also research the steps for how to establish a perfectly paced onboarding process to make sure you get off on the right foot.

4. Run Background Checks

At the end of the day, you need to know the person you’re hiring was telling the truth on their application. Running a background check is the best way to figure out if somebody has some kind of past they’ve hidden from you. You can figure out how to get a background check and how much a background check costs in just a few minutes.

5. Verify Employment History

When you hire somebody, you’re hiring them based on their previous work experience. The problem with this is that employees can easily lie about their employment history on an application. The good news is, you can get an employment history verification check to make sure new hires have the work experience they say they have. Speaking with previous supervisors they’ve provided as references is also a good idea.

6. Create a Comfortable Environment

You want your employees to feel comfortable from the moment they start working for you, so make an effort to create a comfortable environment from day one. Not only do you want to create a comfortable workspace for new employees, but you also want to make sure other employees are welcoming and helpful to their new team members. You can even start your employee off with a small welcome party in their honor on their first day to give them time to socialize and make connections.

7. Provide Necessary Tools

Every job requires some sort of tools, whether that means having a desktop PC with two monitors or a quality wireless headset. When you hire new employees, it’s absolutely crucial that you provide them with all the tools they need to succeed. You can even talk to new hires about what kind of computer accessories and office equipment they’d like to have at their desk to create an even more streamlined first day of work. Look into what hardware and software is most needed by employees based on their position and whether they’re in-office or remote.

Running a business involves a lot of work, from the recruiting process to vetting and managing employees. The good news is, a little bit of research and effort goes a long way toward helping your business. As long as you’re properly vetting new hires and creating a comfortable, productive environment for them, you’re good to go.

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