5 Ways to Balance Life and Work

Finding a healthy balance between work and play is so important for mental health. Keeping your head above water in this busy and overwhelming world can only last you so long. As people, we prefer to float along with the current. To help you go with the flow and find more balance between work and play, here are five suggestions. 

1. Make Time For You 

It’s a cliché that’s been overused, but that’s because it’s true: put your own oxygen mask on first. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else, and that goes for your work and your relationships. 

Reaffirm your commitment to yourself, and vow to give yourself some self-love every day. Self-care can feel like a lifeboat when you’re juggling a million things. Those moments to breathe will give you a sense of control and help you balance your life with greater resilience

2. Plan in Advance

Scheduling your life is the practical way to create balance between your work and home life. Take out your calendar, put a star next to the days you have off. Plan a family event or treat yourself to a massage

No one is going to plan your life for you, so you might as well take advantage of being in the driver’s seat. The more you plan, the greater work-life balance you will achieve because, after all, you are in control. 

Set the intention to follow through on planning your work-life balance with the same drive as you place towards your morning coffee. The more you show up for yourself, the better the outcome. 

3. Get and Stay Active 

Get your body moving. Even fifteen minutes of physical activity can bring mental clarity and improved thinking. Better thinking will boost your work productivity and help you enjoy your time off even more. You might even find that you’re more creative without brain fog getting in the way. 

Getting active is one thing but staying active is another. In addition to committing to working out, you should be mindful of the potential injuries you could endure from wearing the wrong sneakers. Get shoes that fit your feet and prevent plantar fasciitis, sprain, and blistering. Find a high-quality pair of running shoes for women that offer maximum support. 

4. Journal Your Feelings

After a long day, spend some time reflecting on how you feel. For better or worse, releasing built-up tension is a great way to induce catharsis, giving you the mental space that you need to recover from stress. 

The more steps you take to live life with less stress, the more time you will find to plan for your work-life balance. Record events of the day, your feelings, and any ideas for making things that were not so great, better.

5. Find Some Gratitude

Take five minutes out of your workday or day off to list three things that you are grateful for. These things can be whatever it is that comes to mind that day. Nothing is too small or insignificant to write down. 

When we take time to appreciate what we have, we find that our priorities are back on track. Knowing what is most important to us will help us plan for the future and create a balance between working and living that feels right to our values and desires. 

The Bottom Line 

Keeping balance between working and daily living requires ongoing maintenance. We are living beings, and as such, we are never in one constant state. As Albert Einstein said, “To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Follow these ideas to do just that. 

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