Clean and Safe Drinking Water Is Essential – Here’s Why

Clean water should not be considered a luxury, it is a right and necessity since it is quite vital for our survival. People can survive for months without food but they can barely survive a few days without water. Our bodies need it in order to function properly as it keeps us hydrated. In addition to that, it improves digestion, supplies the body with required nutrition, increases energy levels, and flushes out toxins. On the other hand, lack of water leads to dehydration which can cause a lack of focus and consistent headaches. This is why doctors always recommend keeping your body hydrated throughout the day. However, there are people who don’t drink clean water on a daily basis as they only have access to unfiltered and contaminated water; they suffer as a result. Drinking clean and safe water is essential and here is why.

Protects Your Kidney

The kidneys basically act as filters that flush out toxins from the body through urine discharge. However, in order for your kidneys to function properly, they need water. It is important that you drink regularly and ensure it is clean and safe. Since it helps in removing the toxins from your body, you have to make sure that you consume clean water because if it is contaminated or unfiltered, it will add to the toxins in your body and damage your kidney instead of protecting it. Additionally, if you don’t hydrate enough, you will be dehydrated and instead of excreting urine, your kidneys will store it. This can result in kidney stones which can affect both of your kidneys.

Nourishes the Body

Do you know that water is one of the main sources of nutrition? It is so important that 60% of our body is made up of it. You need to stay hydrated and drink clean water in order for your organs to function properly. As a matter of fact, drinking contaminated water can cause severe damages to your liver, kidneys, bones, and even your brain. On the other hand, drinking clean water keeps your organs healthy and ensures the blood flow in your body in order to carry nutrients and oxygen and transport them to every cell of your body.

Prevents Diseases

You probably know that people who live in poverty with limited access to clean drinking water suffer from many diseases. However, it isn’t just that, if it is also unfiltered, it can cause diseases as well. According to filter specialists at, unfiltered water contains chemicals like arsenic, lead, and fluoride, which can cause serious diseases like cancer and kidney failure. In addition to that, it also contains chlorine and chloramine which give it a distinctive taste and smell. For these reasons, you should make sure to always drink clean and filtered water in order to prevent any of these diseases and stay healthy.

Produces Clean Food

When we think about water, we think about it as a drink that is vital for all living beings. However, it is also used in agriculture as it plays a huge role in crop and grain production. It is essential that a clean resource is used because those that are contaminated contain various bacteria and diseases which can affect the people consuming these crops and grains. For this reason, it is essential that clean and safe water is used to protect people from various diseases.

Personal Use

We don’t only use it for drinking and watering our crops. It has some essential personal uses as well. We use it when showering, washing our clothes, plates, utensils, fruits, vegetables, and cooking, cleaning, and brushing our teeth as well. Imagine having to do all of these chores using contaminated resources? Cooking or bathing using polluted water can have a negative impact on your health and infect you with various dangerous diseases. In order to protect yourself from diseases, make sure that you only use clean resources.

Ensure You Drink Clean Water

Now that you know its importance, you should make sure from now on to only drink and use safe and clean water. There are various ways that you can guarantee it is safe to drink. You can opt for a filter, use bottled water, or boil it to kill bacteria. It doesn’t matter if you think it may be inconvenient or cost you money, it is vital to only consume clean water.

There is no denying that water is vital. It is the key to our survival. However, in this day and age where pollution is everywhere, getting access to clean and fresh drinking sources isn’t easy. This can result in various diseases that could have easily been avoided. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, find clean water sources around your home or use water filters not just for drinking but for bathing and other chores as well.

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