The Collectors by Alicia Feagan

Alice Feagan, has written this delightful story called, The Collectors. The main characters are two best friends who love to collect items they find in nature. The girls can relate to this book because they consider themselves collectors, as well. Winslow is the one who can “spot treasures hidden in the most unusual places” and Rosie is great at identifying what Winslow finds and sketches them in her field journal. These girls have an impressive collection of things they have found but, they need one last piece to complete their collection. What will it be?

This book is perfect for Nature Lovers and Collectors of All Kinds!

Highly recommend reading this adorable book with your kids and we hope it encourages your kids to explore the outdoors more and find treasures along the way whether they form their own collection or just take pictures of what they find and journal it in a nature journal of their own. I love that this book showcases two young girls who are fascinated by science like my girls are and encourages STEM learning.

About the Author:

Alice Feagan is a children’s book creator known for her distinct cut-paper collage style. Her playful illustrations can be found in books such as School Days Around the World, magazines such as National Geographic Kids, educational products and games. The Collectors is her authorial debut. Alice lives with her family in the mountains of Edwards, Colorado.

Get your copy of the book: HERE

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