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Spoil yourself and find your inner magic!

I am so excited to share with you a beautifully curated box I recently purchased called , 🌙 The Moon Magic Box. There is not many times we can say that we purchased something for ourselves that not only makes us feel good but, was made with YOU in mind. Local Momee Friend and Long Island small business owner, Allie has curated a monthly box filled with locally-made goods that help you connect with your menstrual cycle and find your inner magic.

All you have to do is fill out the form on the Modern Moon Lodge page and tell Allie what your moon sign is. I found out I am a Scorpio Moon even though my birthday is in July. After reading about those born as a Scorpio Moon sign , it could not be more on point. I am loving this box and I know you will love it, too.

Spotlighted businesses in this box are on Instagram:






Inside the box is:

*A set of 4 Moon Tea bags from @whiteowlsnest

*Set of 4 Lunar Ritual Bath Soaks from @livingwildonlongisland

* Set of 4 crystals from @littleshoppeofcrystals

*Set of 4 ritual oils

*Set of 4 clean-burning soy candles

Allie also includes: Moon sign tips for menstruation, Recipes for each cycle phase, and Handmade dark chocolate 

I had the opportunity to ask Allie (the creator of the Moon Magic Box) a few questions and I wanted to share them with you and her responses:

1. What is the Modern Moon Lodge and what do you want women to know about your business?

*Allie said, “Modern Moon Lodge is a space for people who menstruate to learn how to connect with the moon and their cycles. The Moon Magic Box is filled with tools handcrafted by witches on Long Island. Each tool helps you to honor and embrace the ebb and flow your body moves to throughout your cycle.”

2. How often will the boxes be available? And when will the first box be available?

*Allie said, “Each box is made to order, as there are some tools that are zodiac sign specific. You can order via the form linked in the Modern Moon Lodge bio on Instagram. The first boxes went out at the end of August 2021.”

3. Can you tell us the importance of tracking our cycle?

 *Allie said, “Tracking your cycle is the first, and most important, step in living cyclically. If you know what phase your body is in, you are able to take note of symptoms, emotions, energy levels, cravings, etc. Once you’ve tracked a few cycles, you’ll start to notice patterns and from here you can work on creating more harmony balance between mind, body and spirit throughout the month.”

4. What would you tell someone who is on the fence about buying a Moon Magic box for themselves?

*Allie said, “Trying the items won’t do any harm! If it ends up not being for you, you were at least able to sample natural, handcrafted products made by locals!”

5. If we love a product in the box will we be able to purchase more of it? 

*Allie said, “Yes! Modern Moon Lodge supports fellow small business women of Long Island and every product in the box can be purchased through its supplier.”

6. As a woman, wife and mom how important is it for you to share this information with other women and have them embrace their menstrual cycle?

*Allie said, “As people with menstrual cycles, we are only taught about 1/4 of what we should know about our bodies in school. As someone in their 30’s, I do feel I missed out on the opportunity to connect with my body and fully embrace what it does each month through all of my earlier menstruating years. We are brainwashed into believing menstrual cycles are a burden, what makes us “the crazier sex”, something we should be ashamed of and only whisper about amongst other women. It’s not true. In ancient times, it is what made us the more powerful sex. During menstruation, our power of intuition was so strong it was relied upon to solve problems within the tribe. Imagine what we could do now if we all tapped back into our power?”

💫 Relax your mind , embrace your menstrual cycle and find your magic!

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