Why You Should Read Book Summaries And Where To Find Them

The term “book summary” refers to a piece of writing made by an individual who has read a book in its entirety and then summarised it. A summary is a condensed version of a longer piece of work that focuses on the main points raised by the author while using the writer’s own words and phrases. Book summaries are not copycats pretending to be the original authors. The summary is a new work in and of itself, but it cites the original author for their key ideas more concisely.

1. Why Check Out Book Summaries

Reading book summaries gives you a good description of what the text is about fairly and sensibly. As a result, you can conclude the book’s content based on your understanding of what was written. A summary of the book can save you time by letting you know which books are worth reading and which you should probably avoid. Summaries of books can save you time by providing you with an overview of a wide range of themes and subjects. In only a few minutes, the book transports you through a month’s worth of reading. You can get through many novels if you read the book synopsis beforehand. However, if the outline doesn’t match your desired reading material, go on to the next book. The main focus of most summaries is on the book’s facts and major talking points. So, by reading the summaries, you may rapidly absorb and recall the significant points of different books and their authors.

2. Book Summaries Sites

Luckily, there are a lot of services that offer book summaries. So if you’re asking, ‘where can I obtain book summaries for business books?’. We know the answers. The following ten resources can help you locate book summaries on business topics:

Get Abstract:

For a good reason, GetAbstract is a significant competitor in this market: it has the most extensive collection, with over 10,000 summaries. In addition, the service caters to businesses, including sections devoted to management, innovation, and IT in the workplace. More than a third of Fortune 90 companies, according to GetAbstract, use their services.

Although some of its book summaries are a touch bland, they are of good quality and available in seven languages, one of which is English. An author’s profile and a star rating are included in each synopsis. They highlight options, such as the ability to select a favorite thought or many lines, similar to the possibilities in The Art of Living’s book summaries, which is very practical. You can pay $100 a year for more than 4,000 summaries and a 3-day free trial. If you enjoyed it, you can get full access to all of their titles, as well as Kindle and mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, with a paid subscription. This is best suited to Large-scale business employees and supervisors. For those with a long reading list or who use a Kindle, here is the place to go for the most comprehensive collection of high-quality book summaries.


Soundview was the first company to offer 20-minute audio descriptions and easy-to-read 8-page written summaries on the internet. The professional plan costs $200 annually and provides 2,400+ summaries, webinars, and newsletters. This is another major player. In addition to the individual subscriptions, the site offers corporate options that include seminars with writers and instructional videos.

3. Essential Information

When you read the summary instead of the complete book, you obtain the essential information without time. Your desire to learn more and become wiser will grow from reading useful book summaries. And you may find yourself gravitating toward them in the future. Summaries eliminate the book’s repetitious elements. As a result, simply concentrating on the most critical issues makes you feel more energized. It also helps restore the “lifelong learning” equilibrium you’ve worked to achieve over time. Chapter summaries effectively communicate the book’s central topic. There is no guarantee that the background study, data, and reasoning will pique the readers’ attention. However, insightful book summaries and their major points let you determine whether or not you want to read a novel in its entirety.

Overall, there is no doubt that reading text summaries save a lot of time and effort. In this way, the aid book summary helps you choose whether or not to read the entire book. You may be interested in a book with an eye-catching cover. However, the book’s inner substance may not help you achieve your reading goal. Summaries can help you in situations like these.

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