Top 6 Easy DIY Costume Ideas For Your Little Girl

Making a costume for your little girl can be a quite demanding task and can draw out all of your energy. You can barely comply with the wishes of your little girl since they make demands that are almost impossible to fulfill. However, by using your imagination and your DIY skills, you can make unique designs for your little girl that will make her stand out and it is more than important for them to be the epicenter of attention. Here are some suggestions on unique costumes you can make for your little one.

Stencil Stamp Ballerina Tutu

You might be asking yourself what this is. You know that almost all girls are little ballerinas and that they love dancing. Girls like to wear skirts and play with dolls. However, you can bring all of these things together and make the most beautiful tutu for your little girl. A Ballerina costume is one of the most common ones but it can be different if you add some spice. You can use some crafting projects and crafting tools like the Cricut machine to make stamp stencils shaped like your girl’s favorite cartoon characters or little flowers. Then, transfer the motives to the flimsy tulle. The stamps will appear as if they are floating. Your little girl will be astonished by having the most beautiful ballerina tutu costume ever.


Princess Costume 

All little girls’ greatest wish is to be a princess. They are in the mood to be the home royalty and why not give them a chance to feel this. You can create their gown at your home by simply layering some shiny cotton fabric and tulle. You can add some shiny beads and lace for an even more beautiful appearance. It is not possible without a crown so you can make it as well. You can use paper and some things like pom poms and cotton balls to add it around the crown. If you want to make your little girl even happier, then you should include her in the process of creation. This will make them even happier, to be a part of the process.


He/she is the best role model for little girls and it would be more than inspiring to make the costume of the doctor. A lot of young, little girls want to become a doctor when they grow up and heal ill people. This can be an amazing idea to boost their motivation from the earliest phase of their life. So you can give them just a plain white shirt and a stethoscope. This is not a demanding costume but can bring joy to your little girl since you will make their dream come true even for a second. 


Girls love butterflies. This is mostly because of their beautiful, colorful wings and their ability to fly. Butterflies are beautiful and gentle. You can make the wings by using white paper and cut them in the shape of butterfly wings. If you want to achieve a perfect shape, then you should put one paper over the other and cut them at the same time. Then you both can paint them the way your little one wants them. After the paint is dry, you should clip the wings in the middle and add two strings so that she can wear them on the shoulders. 


It might sound evil, but it is not since it would be the cutest little witch in the universe. For creating the cap, you can use black-painted paper or if you can find black paper, then it would be ideal. Then you should use a black dress and some black cloth to make a cloak. It is not recommended to use makeup for little girls since it can damage their skin, so you can improvise and use only a small amount of lipstick to paint their lips and add some tint to their cheeks.



If your girl is a fan of cartoons, then she is a fan of fairies as well. You can make a custom-made fairy costume by composing it with a nice cute gown, even a ballerina tutu, and some DIY wings. You can make the wings using hard paper or even cardboard, and paint them in different colors and add some glitter. It cannot go without a crown, so you can make the crown out of paper as well and make your little girl look like an actual fairy. 

It is quite demanding to make a costume on the budget for your little girl. Girls, when small, are quite demanding since they want the costume the way which sometimes may be quite costly. Therefore, by using some goodwill and imagination, you can make their costumes of the things you already have in the house. 

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