Essential Gear You Need to Have to be Properly Prepared for Morning Jogs

Jogging is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors, but it’s important that you’re prepared and know what you need before your jog.

Good Shoes

You need to have breathable shoes so that you don’t get blisters, and that has a lot of traction to keep you from skidding on pavement or your ankles from rolling. Sneakers work well for most people; however, if they don’t provide enough support for your feet then running shoes will give more protection and stability. You’ll also want to look at how wide the shoe is – this will help determine whether you need thicker socks or not. 

They should also be comfortable and lightweight, not too bulky or heavy. Try out different brands (online reviews are great for this kind of thing) to see which ones feel best for your feet.

Tight Clothing

A lot of people will wear baggy clothing to go running, but they quickly find out that loose clothing can be a hazard! If you’re wearing baggy clothes then it’s easier for them to get snagged on something, or for you to trip up and fall if the clothes are too long. Tight clothes keep you on your feet and moving forward – they don’t become unforgiving when you need to make quick movements or shift your weight quickly, which can happen if you’re on an uneven surface or one that’s slippery.

If the weather is cold then running tights are great for keeping yourself warm. They also provide sun protection for your legs, so they’re a good idea if you plan on running in the morning when there might still be dew or frost on the ground.


You should always apply sunscreen before you go out for a run in the morning – this is especially true if it’s summertime! The morning sun has more UV rays that can damage your skin and increase your risk for skin cancer (and wrinkles).

If you’re going to be outdoors before the sun rises then it’s a good idea to bring sunscreen with you. Depending on how long you plan on staying out or if there might be no shade available to rest under during your workout, you might need more or less. You should wear about one ounce per every 15 minutes of sun exposure, so make sure to reapply as necessary.

A Towel

One thing that’s often forgotten is a towel! If you plan on doing your morning workout near a body of water then it can be quite useful – maybe the water looks too cold to swim in, but you want to cool yourself off during your run. Or perhaps there’s a fountain nearby and you want to soak your hat or shirt so that it can stay cool for when you put them back on during the rest of your workout.

Let’s not forget about the sweat, you’ll need one if it starts dropping in your eyes.

Extra Clothing

Some people prefer to have a change of clothes, just in case something happens to their current outfit. You might get really sweaty during your run and want to keep that sweat from sticking around for the rest of your morning, so having an extra pair of clothes can help you feel more comfortable.

If it’s windy out during your run then having a lightweight jacket with you is good to have as well – if the weather changes dramatically while you’re out then you’ll need to take the appropriate action.

Extra Gear

Some people like to carry some extra gear, especially if they’re training for a marathon or run long distances regularly. Not everyone feels comfortable jogging with water bottles because of how easy they are to drop and lose control over, but it can be helpful in keeping yourself hydrated.

Cell phones are the most common thing to carry along, but some people like having an MP3 player with them as well – you’ll need headphones if you want to listen to music or podcasts though. There are specialized hand shields for runners now as well if you want to avoid holding onto a water bottle or phone at the same time.

Running is a great way to get in shape and stay healthy, but you also need to be prepared before heading out. You should wear comfortable clothes that are lightweight enough for your morning jog, including comfortable and reliable running shoes. Bring sunscreen along with you too, especially during summer mornings! Pack an extra pair of clothes just in case something happens while you’re exercising outdoors, and if possible, bring some gear with you as well so that you don’t have to worry about carrying around things like water bottles and cell phones at once.

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