6 Newborn Baby Basics

Taking care of a newborn is hard work! Parents get very little rest from midnight feedings, adapting to a naptime schedule, and dealing with constant diaper changes. Still, taking care of your baby is a rewarding experience and something you want to get good at to be the best parent that you can be. To help you out, here are six newborn baby basics to be aware of! 

1. Use Natural Products

Babies are sensitive to products that contain chemicals and harsh ingredients. They are still adjusting to their new environment and have sensitive skin. It is crucial to find natural baby products that work gently with your baby’s delicate skin to care for your baby effectively. 

Look for natural personal care products like baby powder, natural soaps, and cotton bath towels that will keep your baby’s skin protected. 

2. Create a Nap Schedule

Your newborn will need your help adapting to an established naptime schedule. It will take some trial and error to determine the patterns related to your baby’s tendencies for sleep, but ultimately it is up to you to create a blissful environment that will help your baby fall into a deep sleep. 

Using a nap schedule planner, you can start following times that make the most sense and aim to create a consistent naptime schedule, so your baby can rest and you can get a break from the mental load of motherhood

3. Wrap Baby In a Swaddle 

It is important to wrap your baby into a swaddle using their baby blankets. The swaddle reminds them of feeling safe in the womb. They will need time to adjust to feeling safe in their home environment, so take this time to ease the process by facilitating feelings of safety that they can rely on to have their needs met. You can even find baby blankets already in the swaddle shape to make things easier on you. 

4. Play Music for Baby

The human brain is at its most vulnerable and critical point of development during the first three years of life. As a parent, you can facilitate your newborn’s brain health by playing kid’s music to stimulate healthy thinking and self-emotional regulation. 

Classical music has been shown to increase focus and assist with neuron growth in psychological studies. You can play classical music softly in the background as they fall asleep or during their mid-day nap.

5. Give Baby Age-Appropriate Toys 

As the baby learns to develop more independence from mom and dad, adding a transitional object through age-appropriate toys can help your baby feel soothed when mom and dad can’t immediately tend to the baby’s needs. 

Transitional objects can assist with stages of development related to object permanence and impermanence. Look for age-appropriate baby toys made of soft fabric to continue protecting the baby’s skin

6. Find Time for Self Care 

As a new parent, you need to find time to care for yourself. To be your very best for your baby, you need to devote a few moments (hopefully longer) to self-care. 

Small rituals that invoke relaxation and relieve stress are perfect for restoring your energy and feeling a sense of ease. Consider steaming your face with hot water and a washcloth, having a hearty snack, and waking up before the baby to have a few moments to yourself. 

Get Back To The Best Parts 

Taking care of a newborn baby requires patience, understanding, and the ability to run on empty. Consider the above tips to make caring for your little one easier so you can get back to all the best parts of being a parent.

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  1. Taking care of an infant is an undertaking, to say the least, but these are some good tips to help new parents along the way. Self care is especially important, so I’m glad you drew attention to that as well.

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