5 Ways to Save Money on Coffee

If you love your coffee, you probably have your favorite ways to drink it and the places you go to buy it. However, you may also notice that your money is being spent on a lot of coffee. While it may be suitable for some, if you’re looking to save some money, let’s consider these tips on saving coffee money. 

Sign up for a coffee subscription

A coffee subscription box may mean an initial investment, but it can help provide you with plenty of coffee for a more affordable price. Additionally, subscription boxes also allow you to get plenty of flavors and options that you’ll love, making it a worthwhile investment. 

If you bought the same coffee at a grocery store, you’d probably end up spending a lot more, so look at coffee subscriptions online to find one that offers the amount you want for an affordable price. 

Buy larger coffee tubs

When you buy your coffee, you may think, “I only need this one bag.” Instead, start looking into options where you can buy in bulk or even purchase ab oversized tub of Folgers at your local grocery store. While you may be spending more money at the moment, you’ll be getting more for the price. You can also avoid having to run to the store when you’ve run out of coffee.


Don’t visit coffee shops as much as you want to

If you’re working from home, it’s undoubtedly easier to go to a coffee shop and just knock out your work in a few hours. However, this could result in a lot of money spending every week. While you may commit to only getting a cup of coffee before you know it, you’re buying pastries and refreshments, and a $5 visit turns into $20 every visit. 

Consider alternating between a day of work at home drinking your Moka Pot coffee and a day of work at the coffee shop now and then. 

Find an affordable coffee shop

If you must spend time at your local coffee shops, look for ones that offer affordable brews. Some coffee shops make a name for themselves, and before you know it, you’re throwing almost $10 at a cup of Joe that you could have made at home. 

However, some coffee shops offer reasonable prices and loyalty programs that offer you discounts on your coffee now and then. In these cases, if it helps you get more work done while providing savings now and then, a coffee shop could be a good idea.


Use a coffee machine that brews a lot

Pod machines are trendy and help us get some lovely blends, but they can also be quite pricey. For example, a box of 10 coffee pods at your local grocery store could cost you around $10 but only last for 10 cups of coffee. 

A bag or tub of coffee at the same store could last you much longer and cost more than half of that amount. While you may love your pod coffee, buy an affordable, regular coffee machine if you want to save money. 

In Conclusion

You love your coffee, whether you’re brewing coffee at home or visiting a local coffee shop. However, you may be throwing away a lot of money on coffee that could be saved for something else. Whether it’s learning how to make great coffee at home or spending less while out, there are tips to spend less on coffee. You may need to adjust some habits, but it’s worth it for the extra cash in your pocket, and who knows, you might pick up talent and be great at making coffee at home.


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