Essential Tools Every Kitchen Needs to Have for Creating Delicious Meals

When it comes to creating delicious meals, most people assume the main ingredient is having extraordinary talent. Though that may be true in some instances, most professional chefs would strongly disagree, as the main ingredient is practice and having the right tools for preparing the meal. If you combine effort, with fresh groceries and some high-class tools, you can create Michelin star meals at home, in your kitchen. In the text below, read about some essential items every kitchen should have and needs to have for preparing a memorable dinner that everyone will enjoy. 

Eggs Benedict

The meal essentially is a staple breakfast around New York City and a favorite during early brunch. You might ask, why do we mention it? Simply because a classical breakfast is almost impossible to prepare without the old-school non-stick frying pan, an essential tool every kitchen needs to have in their repertoire. The non-stick frying pans allow you to prepare some classical and traditional breakfast for you and your loved ones, like the trademark pancakes (French or American), some eggs on toast, and some pre-cooked and fried chicken breasts with a pinch of salt and pepper. The beauty of a high-quality non-stick frying pan is the ergonomic shape and the equal distribution of heat across the surface, allowing for a beautiful and evenly spread color. The non-stick fry pan brings about revolutionized breakfast as you can finally throw away the oil, and instead have a healthy and delicious breakfast. 

A set of high-quality knives

Master chefs around the world spare no money when it comes to having a proper set of high-quality knives, made from stainless steel with laser-sharp edges. The importance of a high-quality knife lies in its ability to cut through meat, bread, and veggies with the exact same precision without putting too much pressure on the groceries, and therefore keeping the delicious juices inside. Japanese knives have a long reputation of being state of the art and often are regarded as the vertex of craftsmanship, which is one of the reasons why they come at such astronomical prices. You can always try local retails or check the official IMARKU store or their website for promotional prices and offers, as they have a long tradition and excellent customer support. Why are knives so important? Simply, a high-quality knife made of the finest steel and material keeps the freshness and the taste of the groceries, and all the juices within as opposed to cheap and dull knives- as you have to put extra pressure into cutting the tomato, making it squishy and squeezing out all the nutrients and juice. Knives also allow for proper cuts when you have to decorate the plate or you need just several thin slices of garlic or cucumber for the salad. Now, with proper knives, another advantage is the material, as they do not keep the aromas of the previous grocery and food you cut through, therefore you can use it without the apples tasting like onions. 

They often come with lifelong warranties, and you will probably forget when you bought them after a decade of using them constantly. 

Measuring cups and spoons 

Another fundamental item you should always have on your kitchen counter are measuring cups and spoons, also wooden and plastic spoons as they are not abrasive on the surface of pans and other fragile exteriors. 

Measuring cups and spoons are cheap and affordable, and essentially can last you a long time. The advantage is following the recipe and the amounts specified, having in mind we all know how important it is to stay true to the instructions for a delicious meal. 

Pots and Pans 

We already talked of non-stick frying pans, yet roasting pans are a “must” when it comes to kitchen utilities as they allow the slow roast and burn of beans, veggies, and meat. Sometimes, to release the full flavor and add an extra “kick” to the meal, you need to roast nuts and beans together with the meat, therefore sheet pans are perfect and more than useful. When it comes to pots, they generally are meant for stews and pasta, and different soups. Pots allow for the perfect cooking of essentially every liquid meal you need and have in mind, that is one of the reasons why every professional kitchen has them in abundance, in different shapes and sizes. 

We hope you’ll find these little tips and instructions more than useful for making the perfect meal, and preparing a more than memorable dinner for you and your loved ones. 

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