Encourage an interest in tech with these children’s gifts

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Technology is becoming more and more important in this day and age. Therefore, it’s crucial to introduce children to technology as soon as possible, helping them to develop the skills they need to succeed in this world. However, as with anything in life, balance is key, so while these tech-related toys are sure to go down a treat, remember to pair them with tactile experiences as well. This blog will help you do just that.

Solar-powered robot

Instead of relying on batteries to power every one of your child’s toys, why not introduce them to solar-powered technology? There are lots of kits out there that allow you to build your own robot and see it walk around thanks to the included solar panels. There are all kinds of designs available, from animals to cars and aliens, so take your pick based on your child’s preferences. Because this is a more advanced project, it’s probably better to reserve this for boys and girls aged eleven and up. If you’re looking for more gift ideas for this age range, check out the selection at Wicked Uncle.

Coding kit

Years ago, children wouldn’t even know what coding is, but these days coding is quickly being built into the curriculum at schools. As a result, parents have started buying coding kits that make learning to code a fun game. Some of these come with a special device that’s preloaded with everything your child needs to get started while others are apps that can be downloaded onto iPads. Games include scenarios where children can pretend to be secret agents or professionals building robots. Many of these kits come with a tactile object that can be customized by the code that’s input into a computer.

Electric circuits

Lots of children will have their first contact with circuits in science class, but why not give them the chance to experiment at home? Children can learn how wires conduct electricity in a safe way and work through puzzles to get a light bulb to turn on. More advanced projects include creating a lamp from wood with a switch that can be turned on and off. If your child is still very young, introduce them to these concepts with a classic buzz wire game where you can have fun trying not to lose before you reach the end.

Building blocks

One of the best ways to encourage children to learn more about tech and engineering is through the humble building block. Perfect for all ages, it’s easy to upgrade building blocks, allowing kids to gradually build more complex structures. What’s more, even if your child doesn’t end up being interested in tech, building blocks are still a great toy that can be played with for years to come.

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Basic laptop

There are lots of laptops designed just for children that help them to develop typing skills. It’s crucial for children to learn where letters are on a standard QWERTY keyboard and, while this skill will come in time, introducing them to the layout sooner rather than later can reduce frustrations. 

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