5 Tips to Recover Your Energy When You’re A Busy Mom

As a busy mom you have to constantly juggle multiple responsibilities, so you often don’t have time to focus on your own needs. Self-care can easily fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, if you become irritable, stressed, and tired, you are susceptible to complete burnout. By taking better care of yourself, you will meet your own needs and have more energy to take care of your family. 

1. Try out Mobile IV Therapy

If you are really at the end of your tether and need to give your energy a quick boost, an IV drip can do it. IV drips are becoming a popular way to treat many different conditions today, including a lack of energy. For a quick drip IV, Pittsburgh companies Drip Hydration, MedSource Hub, and TribLive will send certified nurses to administer the drip in the comfort of your own home. Sessions last 45 to 60 minutes. An energy boost drip formula contains fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes that will give you energy and boost your health and wellness. 

2. Use micro self-care techniques 

Busy moms have so much to do they probably won’t find the time to soak in a bubble bath for hours. The trick to self-care as a busy mom is to practice it in short intervals. You need to reframe your self-care as a series of simple practices that you weave into everyday life. Taking deep breaths for five minutes after waking up may make the difference between losing your cool while getting kids ready for school and responding calmly. If you have to wait for kids to come out of school, take your journal along and write in it while you wait. 

If you feel overwhelmed during the day, practice taking mini-breaks where you close your eyes and imagine a calming scene, like walking through a meadow or lying on the beach and listening to the waves. Just a little break like this can help you face reality with more calm and patience. 

3. Sneak exercise into your day

One way to sneak exercise into your day is to do it with your kids. For example, you can go cycling or swimming with them. Even doing simple exercises, like dancing to music, can keep them entertained and help you stay fit. 

If you can grab five minutes a couple of times a day and do simple exercises like crunches and jumping jacks, it will help. Consistency is key when exercising, and getting your exercise in short spurts throughout the day can be very effective. You may think you aren’t getting proper exercise if you aren’t going to the gym, but exercising at home regularly can be even more effective than irregular visits to the gym. 

4. Prioritize rest and sleep

Look for small windows of opportunity during the day to lie down and rest. Close your eyes and breathe while sitting on a bench in the park. Lie down and stretch while playing with your baby on the floor. Relish any moments you get to rest if you don’t find the time for longer rest periods. 

Getting enough sleep is crucial for anyone, especially busy moms. Sleep alleviates stress, strengthens your immune system, and has many other benefits. Not getting enough sleep affects your mental health and increases your risk of developing serious chronic health conditions like heart disease. Don’t be tempted to stay up too late, or you may seriously lack enough energy the next day. 

5. Reach for healthier energizers

Instead of going for that fourth cup of coffee to keep you going, try drinking herbal tea instead. Matcha green tea has a high concentration of flavonoids and L-theanine to give you a boost without making you feel that post-caffeine crash. 

Feeding yourself can also be tricky as a busy mom, but you need to eat healthy food to give you enough energy. A sugar-filled snack might give you an immediate boost, but it is followed by a crash that will make the day more difficult. Drinking a smoothie loaded with fruit and vegetables in the morning will give you a real energy boost. Carrying healthy snacks like nuts or fruit with you will prevent you from feeling tempted by unhealthy drinks and food to boost your energy during the day. 


When you nurture yourself, your whole family will benefit. You will be happier and healthier when you provide yourself with the right fuel, reframe your self-care, and find small gaps to rest and exercise. 

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