Understanding IVF – These Words Of Advice Will Help You Get Through the Process

Dealing with infertility can take a toll on couples, and for those who have been trying to conceive for months, if not years, IVF tends to be the lifeline people cling to. IVF isn’t a magic bullet solution though, and it can be an incredibly stressful process. While it is a life-changing process, it is difficult to undertake nonetheless, especially if you don’t have the proper support network. IVF is usually used to treat older women who struggle to get pregnant naturally, those who have damaged fallopian tubes, or men whose sperm have low motility. There are a few things to be mindful of before moving forward with this procedure, and it’s not quite the one-and-done deal that people think it is. Here are a few tips to help elucidate the process for you.

Get Healthy

Trying to conceive is stressful, and unfortunately, it’s easy to get even more wound up about IVF. However, the best thing you can do for your body to prepare yourself for the procedure is to get healthy. Drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, and don’t consume too much caffeine and refined sugars. Eat well, get massages, pedicures, or anything else that helps you feel calm and centered. Sleep well, and generally try to reduce stress as much as possible. Stress is a killer when it comes to trying to conceive, whether naturally or through IVF, so try to keep it to a minimum with helpful tools such as meditation.


Follow your doctor’s advice, but don’t hesitate to do as much research as you can on your own. Knowledge will help you feel empowered and calm when it comes to all the work your body will be asked to do in the coming months. The fertility specialists at Elite IVF recommend taking the time to read up on different issues such as ovulation, and to simply speak up and ask questions. At the end of the day, you are your best advocate, and you shouldn’t feel shy or intimidated to ask your doctor for advice on different things or to slow down and explain the process a bit better. 

Set Realistic Expectations

One of the problems with IVF is that people go into it convinced it should work right away. It’s hard not to go in feeling overly optimistic, or just desperate for a positive result. IVF is costly, and you want to go in feeling confident that things will go well. Unfortunately, the procedure doesn’t always work the first time, and some couples have to try again in order for it to take. Yes, it’s a scientific process, but other factors are also at play. The egg quality is a major factor, as is understanding whether or not you have any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to the trouble. So, go into the cycle feeling cautiously optimistic, but also wary of any trouble that could surface. Getting your hopes up only for things to not go as planned is painful, and best to be avoided since you may need to try IVF again.

Lastly, it’s important to find a support network that will help see you through the process. IVF can feel isolating, frustrating, and scary. You should have the assistance of your friends, family, and mental health professionals to help carry you through it. This is both a hopeful and frightening time for you, so be sure to lean on others for assistance.

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