How To Choose the Right Addiction Treatment Center? 6 Useful Tips

Abuse of drugs and alcohol are truly terrible conditions that cause permanent damage to both your life and the lives of your families and friends. Substance abuse can derail your career, ruin relationships, and make your life spiral downward. If you have been looking for a solution to substance abuse, accessing the services of rehabilitation centers is a simple answer. 

What Are Rehabilitation Centers?

The 2019 World Drug Report stated that more than 35 million people worldwide suffer from substance abuse. The number has only risen since then and the need for rehabilitation centers has grown. It is a treatment facility dedicated to guiding those on the road to recovery.

Each center offers its own take on the correct approach to treatment. Some are specialized in particular substances, while others will cater to everyone. However, the sheer number of options available makes it harder to decide on a rehab program. The unfortunate truth is that not all programs will be able to help you, and you must figure out the perfect match. The following tips can come in handy in making an informed decision

1. Get Checked by a Substance Abuse Specialist

Before deciding on a rehabilitation center, you should get yourself or the affected person checked by a licensed specialist. An evaluation can allow you to understand the current status better and explore all options thoroughly. Not everyone will require intensive treatment, and they can do just as well in a residential program. 

The specialist will also be able to produce a list of facilities and approaches that are better suited to address the patient’s needs. You should also communicate any history with the specialist and if any programs were attended so they can make an informed decision.

2. Look up the Facility 

The facility you choose for yourself will be a second home for a while. Most people suffering from substance abuse require additional counseling for anxiety and depression. For the well-being of patients suffering from mental and physical disorders, dual diagnosis addiction treatment is recommended. Research thoroughly to check if it provides all the resources you will need during your stay at the facility. 

3. Check What Method of Treatment the Facility Offers

There are various ways to counter substance abuse, and different addiction treatment centers specialize in varying approaches. If you or your loved one is hoping to counter their substance abuse problem with a prescription, it would be worth looking into treatment centers that offer medication. Often treatment centers follow the abstinence model to treat their patients. Some even use detoxification methods that specialize in removing toxic substances directly from the bloodstream.

Thoroughly researching the treatment plan before admitting yourself or a loved one to a treatment facility is essential. The same methods that worked for everyone will not necessarily produce positive results for you, and your facility must offer different treatment methods you can experiment with. 

4. Don’t Trust Centers That Guarantee Success

No one can guarantee success for an addict, and even though many treatment centers will try to get you or your loved one admitted as soon as you walk in, it is up to you to look into the resources and treatment plan offered by the center. The success of a program depends entirely on the individual and their motivation to follow through with the steps provided by the center once they leave the clinic.

5. Program Length

Often addiction treatment center programs last 30, 60, and even 90 days. Some will even last up to one year, and you can find various options varying in length. Most of the providers will recommend a program that lasts more than 60 days. Their reasoning for this suggestion is that 30 days are not enough, and it takes adequate work and time before a patient cant be released. Some facilities will adjust your timeline accordingly to your progress, while others follow a strict schedule.

6. Cost

The cost of a rehab center varies according to the facilities they provide. It considers the duration, intensity, amenities offered, and the program’s location. Even if your program is not covered by insurance, several cheap alternatives are just as effective. Look into any centers that are government-run. If you are adamant about a private program but your current budget doesn’t allow for it, you can always take out a loan to pay for it. 

The battle against addiction is a long and tiring one, and so is choosing the right addiction treatment center. Prepare yourself with the correct background information and develop your own set of goals. This will allow you to find a center more suited to your needs. Investigate your various options to get the best treatment possible.

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