6 Fun Gift Ideas Your Gourmand Friend Will Enjoy

‘Gourmand’ is a term that refers to a person who enjoys eating and drinking. More often than not, such people only eat foods of the highest quality. If this sounds like a friend that you have and they have a special occasion coming up, then you should go out of your way to try and get them a good gift.

There are lots of different gifts that you can give a person who is like this, from expensive wines to meal boxes. This post will cover these and more, offering six fun gift ideas you can give your friend.

Wine Boxes

Wine is a drink that compliments most types of food. If your friend is a gourmand, then they probably enjoy wine, too. You can buy your friend a wine subscription box as a gift. These boxes arrive once a month (or sometimes once every six months) and contain lots of different types of wine, from all over the world. Not only are these boxes a great way to show your friend that you know about their interests (and care about them) but they are also a very effective way of introducing your friend to wines that they may have never heard of before. These wine boxes can be expensive but are great value for money. Many companies offering such boxes will also give you promotional offers and discounts on the first box that you buy, then discounts on subsequent boxes if you renew your subscription.

Meal Kits

Some gourmet restaurants have started offering their customers meal kits. These kits were first released and offered to the public during the pandemic. Restaurants were unable to physically allow customers in, so they had to resort to such boxes, and also takeout services. However, takeout isn’t really suitable for most gourmet restaurants. Meal kits include all of the ingredients one would need to make a recipe typical to the restaurant the kit was purchased from, as well as cooking instructions. Some meal kits can be very affordable. If you are going to get your friend one, then make sure they’re a competent cook otherwise they could waste the food by burning it or cooking it incorrectly.

Foreign Foods

Foreign foods can be a great way to spice up your friend’s pantry. Italian foods in particular are a great investment to make. The reason for this is that Italian food is usually very tasty. However, if your friend has more of an interest in the cuisine of another country (like Korea, Japan, or anywhere else) then find your way to an international supermarket that specializes in that type of food. You can also order online.

Food Boxes

Food boxes tend to be specific to a particular culture or cuisine, i.e., Italy. You can subscribe to your food boxes, and then arrive once a month just like wine boxes. Inside these boxes, you can find lots of different types of food. Usually, the boxes contain snacks and treat from the country where the food box is specific. When you are ordering these boxes make sure that you take the time to read reviews and find ones that contain good quality foods. The best way to determine whether or not a food box is worth buying is to read its reviews.

Cooking Classes

If your friend loves food but isn’t a very good cook, then you could pay for them to take cooking classes. Cooking classes can be a very effective way of improving one’s culinary skills. Bear in mind, if you are going to pay for cooking classes then you need to be sure that your friend is going to engage. For this reason, make sure that you speak to them first. Don’t just spring cooking classes on them, because they could not be interested in learning to cook. Cooking classes can be expensive, too, so engagement needs to be guaranteed.

Celebratory Meal

Whatever the special occasion is, a good way to please your friend or loved one is to take them out for a celebratory meal. If they are a foodie, then take them to a gourmet restaurant. If you can, make sure that it is a five-star one. Since your friend is a fan of food, you need to go out of your way to make sure that the restaurant that you take them to is one that they’re going to appreciate. You can read a restaurant’s reviews in order to determine whether it’s good or not.

If you have a gourmand as a friend, then getting a gift for them should be easy. After all, you know what they love most. All of the gift ideas outlined here are great ideas that your friends are bound to love.

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