The Importance Of Taking Your Medications As Prescribed By Your Doctor

This time of year is notorious for catching colds, viruses, and bacterial infections. As the seasons change, many people flock to the doctors to get their prescribed medication to feel better. Medication is an important part of your recovery and should be used wisely and as prescribed by your doctors. If you’re not a medical professional, you may be wondering, why is it so important to take your medication by the book. 

You may be thinking that it’s easier, cheaper, and quicker to take your medication as you wish. If you want to learn why this is the wrong approach to take, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about the importance of taking your medication as prescribed to stay safe and healthy. 

Skipping will not save you money

Medication is expensive, and many people opt to skip doses to cut down on medical costs. Although this may save you some money in the short term, it may cost you more money down the line. Whether you’re getting your meds at full price or by using a discount for local pharmacies, taking your prescribed dosage is important. Without the prescribed dosage, your illness could come back, or you may not be fully healed. This can lead to your condition worsening and you needing to spend more money to remedy it. 

Doubling can be dangerous

Life can get pretty hectic and it’s easy to forget to take your medication on time. If you miss a day or you want to speed up your recovery process, you may think that doubling your dosage is an easy fix. This is far from the truth and can cause more problems down the line. Medication is given in specific dosages, and skipping or increasing them yourself can cause damage to your health. Certain medicines and drugs are only medicinal in smaller doses and lethal in higher ones. This is why not changing and sticking to your prescription is so important for your health.

Mixing medication can be dangerous

Doctors prescribe specific medications to remedy specific illnesses for you to take. Unless your doctor clearly states when and how you can combine your medication with other things, don’t take it upon yourself to do so. There are many types of drugs out there, and not all of them work well together. Mixing medication can result in unpleasant side effects and can damage your body and health. Although there are some things that you can take alongside your medication, it’s always better to check with your doctor. Check before you mix your medicines. 

Other medications might not work for you

It’s also important to remember that everyone’s bodies, symptoms, and illnesses are different. What might work for someone else with similar symptoms, might not work for you and might damage your health. Doctors prescribe medication that they think will work best for your combination of illness, symptoms, and makeup. If you take someone else’s medication you risk, at best, not fixing your condition, at worse, making it worse. Another person’s medication could cause you physical and mental harm and can worsen your symptoms. Think twice about taking any foreign medication not prescribed by your doctor. 

Ask your doctor

Finally, the biggest mistake that most people make when taking their medication is not asking how to do it properly. Before you leave, ask your doctor to write down how to take your medication, so that you don’t forget. Ask if you can mix your prescription with other drugs and medication, and ask for their recommendation. If you feel that the medication is not working or has side effects, talk to your doctor before stopping the treatment. Asking your doctor or local pharmacist for help and guidance is a great way to stay on track with your prescription and health. 

So there you have it! With this guide in mind, it’s easy to see why taking your medication in the way it was prescribed is so important. Taking your medication as prescribed by your doctors helps you stay safe, recover faster, and saves you money in the long run. Skipping doses can damage your health further and may cost you more down the line. Doubling doses is dangerous so stick to your prescribed dosage. 

Mixing your medication may seem like a good idea, but avoid it to avoid dangerous side effects. Don’t take others’ medication as what might work for them might not work for you. Last but not least, a big part of taking your prescribed medication is talking to your doctor. Ask for guidance and any questions you may have to make sure you make the most of your medication. Keep this guide in mind, take your prescribed dosage, and stay safe!

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