Things That You Should Do When in Rome

Rome is the birthplace of a 5,000-year-old civilization, a location that protects the spectacular remnants of a previous empire. It is a city that is the center of the Catholic religion and, at the same time, a location that best embodies typical Italian culture. We’ve made a quick travel guide to Rome so you may discover more places easier and better. 

Therefore, here are some things that you should do when in Rome!

Book a ticket for Colosseum

If it is your first time touring Rome, then you must visit the global cultural treasure called – Colosseum! The Colosseum served as the venue for the renowned gladiator contests in front of a crowd of over 50,000 spectators, and its underworld was crisscrossed with tunnels and apartments where criminals trained for conflict. The Colosseum offers a variety of guided tour choices, and tickets may be purchased for a fair price with additional bonuses. However, there is one inconvenience. Given the fact that over 20,000 tourists visit Italy every day, there are always huge crowds, especially in the Colosseum. However, you can make this easier and less inconvenient if you book your Colosseum ticket in advance. To that end, at, you can get your tickets at a good price and try to get to the Colosseum before many others. Once you get there, you will be fascinated by the overwhelming spirit of history and ancient culture! 

Visit Pantheon

The most well-known Roman temple to the seven planetary deities was built during the reign of King Augustine and eventually became a church. The biggest reinforced concrete dome in the world stands out on its façade, while the interior is covered in priceless marble. Also, the Pantheon is not only the most replicated monument from the time of the Roman Empire, but it is also the best-maintained one. In addition, the Rotonda Piazza, where the Pantheon is situated, is home to the biggest range of authentic Italian food and is accessible only by means of winding pedestrian-only streets that are also used by carriages. The restaurants in this area of the city have brilliant chefs and an air of Italian warmth. Their street gardens have delightful flower-filled tables where street accordionists and violinists perform. Simply put, you really must visit it when you are in Rome.

Go to the Vatican City

The Vatican, a city-state in Rome, is, in terms of population and land area, the smallest independent state in the world. It emanates calm and peaceful energy with a nuance of mystique. Once you get there, you can go to the beautiful museums. For example, the Vatican Museums with the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica with the dome are two sites that you simply should visit! Although there is no admission price, there is always a large queue. However, if you arrive early, you will be able to enter in less than half an hour, otherwise later in the day, it may take up to two hours. Once you pass the basilica’s entry, there is a cash counter where you may pay to climb the dome, which is highly recommended! In any case, for the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, it is still advised that you purchase tickets online even though you must do it two days in advance.

Visit Rome’s parks and squares 

Rome’s parks and squares fall under specific types of attractions. The Villa Borghese, Villa Torlonia, Villa Ada, Celio Park, and Villa Pamphili park complexes are among the most stunning in the city. They all have unique flora and wildlife and offer lots of options for outdoor sports. In addition, in almost every plaza in Rome, there are lavish fountains that make the city even more attractive! 

Trevi Fountain

The largest and most well-known fountain in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. Although the fountain’s earliest versions date back to the 19th century BC, the one we know today was constructed in 1762. There is a superstition that says you may travel back to Rome by dropping a penny into the fountain. If you toss two coins, you’ll fall in love with a charming Italian, and if you toss three, you’ll wed someone you met.

The Saint Peter’s Basilica

Saint Peter’s Basilica is one of the biggest structures on earth. It is situated in the Vatican and has a 23,000 square meter footprint. The Pope lives in this imposing structure, which also serves as the Catholic Church’s headquarters.

Roman Forum 

Equally as stunning as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum is another example of the Roman Empire’s glory. All political and social activities were centered here. This is currently one of Italy’s most well-known locations. 

It is said that April, October, and November are among the best months to visit Rome for a stroll since there are fewer visitors, so make sure you grab your opportunity now!

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