Why Do So Many Families Choose Pickup Trucks?

The original purpose of pickup trucks was to provide a convenient and heavy-duty way of moving stuff around a farm. Farmers would load bales of hay or feed onto the back and then take it down dirt tracks with their pickup truck, unloading it without having to open any doors.

But things are changing. Now regular families are using pickup trucks for the school run. But why? The reasons might surprise you. 

Better Interiors

For instance, families are choosing pickup trucks because they offer better interiors. The days of utilitarian pickup trucks are largely over. Today, most come with impressive and spacious cabins, similar to SUVs. In fact, because of the vehicles’ sheer size, you may actually get more space and a boxier cabin. 

The back sets are also becoming more spacious. Manufacturers are lengthening the cabin and shortening the loading deck, adding rear doors for easy entry and exit. There’s even enough space in the back now for teenagers, which is impressive.

More Focus On Safety

Families love safety. Mom and dad are often willing to spend thousands of extra dollars on a vehicle if it offers their children more protection in a collision. 

The range of safety systems available is impressive and increasing all the time. Many new vehicles have crash avoidance systems, multiple airbags, and automatic braking, even on entry-level models. 

For example, the Ram 1500 crew cab available widely throughout North America scored top points in breaking and crash tests. That puts it on par with top-of-the-range SUVs. 

Changing Tastes

Then there is the question of taste. Families just like bigger vehicles. Stepping into a pickup feels powerful. It feels good to have a hulking great big vehicle sitting in your driveway. 

You can trace this trend back to the SUV boom which began just before the financial crisis. Families suddenly realized that it made sense to own a large vehicle that was similar in size to a van. You could fit more in it, including kids, shopping, luggage, and pets. 

The next step was the minivan, but this didn’t really catch on. It felt too much like driving a bus and you couldn’t load or unload it easily. Then the pickup revolution began to gather momentum. Regular families suddenly saw how easy it was to use this do-it-all vehicle for everything they needed. 

Vehicle retailers, such as Edmunds, now highly pickups and SUVs as one of the primary vehicle classes. An approach like this would have been rare ten years ago, but not anymore. 

Raw Ability

Lastly, pickups are becoming more popular because of their raw ability. They just make life so much easier, whatever situation you find yourself in. 

For example, families use pickups to transport bikes and dirt bikes. Getting around the country with them is a piece of cake. You just throw them on the back and it doesn’t matter how muddy they get. 

Pickups are also large enough for fishing boats, jet skis, and snowmobiles. Once you hoist them onto the back and secure them in place, you’re ready to go. 

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