6 Reasons Why You Should Move To Durango, Colorado

Located in the Rockies in Colorado’s southwestern corner, the city of Durango is a picturesque little town. While it may not be the first place that comes to mind when considering relocation, there are several compelling reasons why you should consider moving to Durango. In the text below, we’ll discuss six of these compelling reasons why it might be the right choice for you. Read on! 

Strong sense of community

Despite its small size, Durango has a strong sense of community. The city is home to a diverse population of artists, entrepreneurs, and outdoor enthusiasts, all of whom share a love for the area’s natural beauty and unique culture. Durango also hosts a variety of community events throughout the year, including the annual Durango Bluegrass Meltdown and the Durango Independent Film Festival.

Outdoor recreation opportunities

The mountains offer endless opportunities for hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and rock climbing, with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. In the winter months, Durango is home to several world-class ski resorts, including Purgatory Resort and Silverton Mountain, offering plenty of opportunities for downhill skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. There are also several different amenities in the area you can look for and explore more if you’re thinking of moving to the destination, with many being in close proximity to these recreational attractions. Also, the Animas River is a popular destination for rafting, kayaking, and fly-fishing, with plenty of scenic spots to cast a line and enjoy the scenery. 

For those looking to explore the area on foot, Durango has a variety of parks and trails to choose from, including the Animas River Trail, a paved path that runs alongside the river and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. In addition to the traditional outdoor activities, Durango also offers unique experiences like hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, and even llama trekking. With so many outdoor recreation opportunities available, it’s no wonder that Durango is a popular destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

Low cost of living

Another compelling reason to consider moving to Durango, Colorado, is its relatively low cost of living. While living in a mountain town like Durango may seem expensive at first glance, the city’s housing prices are more affordable than those of many other popular destinations in Colorado. 

There are plenty of options for those looking to rent, with a variety of apartments, condos, and townhomes available at reasonable prices. For those looking to buy a home, there are also plenty of affordable options, particularly in neighborhoods just outside of the downtown area. In addition to affordable housing, the cost of groceries and other necessities in Durango are reasonable, and there are plenty of local businesses and farmers’ markets to support. 

The city also offers a range of entertainment options that won’t break the bank, including free outdoor concerts and events throughout the summer. Finally, Durango’s relatively low cost of living means that residents can enjoy a high quality of life without breaking the bank, making it an attractive destination for those looking to live in the mountains.

Great food and drink scene

Despite its small size, Durango has a thriving food and drink scene. From local breweries like Ska Brewing and Animas Brewing Company to farm-to-table restaurants like Cyprus Cafe and Eolus Bar & Dining, there is no shortage of great food and drink options in Durango. The city is also home to several coffee shops and bakeries, as well as a popular farmers market that operates throughout the summer.

Proximity to other attractions

One of the major advantages of living in Durango, Colorado, is its proximity to other popular attractions in the Southwest. The city is situated near a number of natural wonders and historic landmarks that are well worth exploring. Mesa Verde National Park, for instance, is just a short drive away and boasts the largest and best-preserved cliff dwellings in North America. Visitors can take guided tours through the ancient ruins, hike scenic trails, or simply marvel at the incredible views. 

The Four Corners Monument, which marks the spot where four states (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona) meet, is another popular destination that is easily accessible from Durango. For those looking for a unique way to explore the area, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad offers a scenic train ride through the San Juan Mountains, complete with breathtaking views and historic narration. Finally, larger cities like Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Denver are all within a day’s drive, making it easy to plan weekend getaways and explore even more of what the Southwest has to offer.

Quality education

Durango is home to several high-quality schools, including Fort Lewis College, a public liberal arts college that offers over 100 majors and minors. The city’s public schools are also highly regarded, with a strong focus on outdoor education and experiential learning. Additionally, Durango is home to several private schools, including Animas High School, a public charter school that has received national recognition for its innovative approach to education.

In short, Durango, Colorado, is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, a strong sense of community, and a low cost of living.  If you are considering a move to Colorado, Durango should definitely be on your list of potential destinations.

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