Fun Activities to Play on a Smartphone When Bored

When we start to feel bored, the first thing we do is reach for our smartphones; most people also go directly to their social media feeds for updates and messages. Even this can become boring once in a while, so why not try a smartphone game and enjoy the flow state for a while? 

Candy Crush 

Whether it’s a long commute, a waiting room, or a break from work, Candy Crush is your friend. Both simple and enjoyable, Candy Crush is an excellent way to enter the flow state and enjoy your time on the road or away from a computer screen. Forget social media; play Candy Crush. 

Candy Crush has seen a few incarnations over the years – the latest version of the game is called Candy Crush Soda and offers a few surprises. Still, you can expect all of your favourite gameplay and point-scoring activities. If you haven’t played before, you are in for a major treat.  

Mario Kart Tour 

Who doesn’t love Mario Kart? It’s a game that keeps giving no matter what age you are or the generation you come from. Recognize all of your favourite characters in Mario Kart Tour, a game that is specially designed for the smartphone. It’s a good alternative to Nintendo Switch. 

Of course, you don’t get quite the same gameplay and graphics that you would on the switch, but overall it is up to scratch. Mario Kart Tour offers you many recognizable tracks in real-time or cup races, allowing you to sharpen Mario Kart skills on the go, ready for competitive battles.  

Daily Jumble 

If you prefer to sharpen your mind instead of your motor skills – no pun intended – then you might prefer a crossword puzzle instead of a smartphone game. But crosswords are also available on smartphones and offer you an everyday chance to improve your vocabulary. 

Word puzzle games, in general, are an ideal way to sharpen your mind and your language skills, but sometimes they can be challenging, especially when you are moving up a level. Make use of a Daily Jumble tool when you get stuck to help to unlock the full potential of your brain power. 

Disney Emoji Blitz 

Do your children love Disney and its abundance of characters? Do they also love their smartphones for communicating with friends? These two things come together in Disney Emoji Blitz, which gives them a fun game to play coupled with the chance to win some new emojis. 

Disney Emoji Blitz works a bit like candy crush or Tetris. Rows of Disney characters descend from the top of the screen, and you have to make rows to win points. When you gather enough points, you win the character emojis that transfer to your phone to impress your friends.    


Are you a family person that grew up with The Sims? If so, then Homescapes could be the perfect way to spend five minutes or a few hours engaged in a fun and inventive game for all the family. Homescapes is set in a mansion. There is a family that you get to explore and discover. 

The family mansion has been in the family for generations. Not only can you furnish the place and create new styles for the home, but you can play a range of challenging games and uncover some of the family secrets from the past. This game is both mysterious and fun for all.     

Good Pizza, Great Pizza 

If you are tired of scrolling your newsfeed and looking at adverts, you should try a smartphone game instead. Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a simple format. Create pizzas for a range of customers and improve your speed and accuracy. Watch out for when the busy times arrive. 

Goof Pizza, Great Pizza is fun to play with, but it’s more than that. Getting good at this game improves your concentration and reaction skills making you sharper for your everyday life. At the same time, you avoid being influenced by some of the appealing ads on your social media.   

Pokemon Go 

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game with a long tradition. Remember the early days when people were happy to walk in front of moving traffic to capture rare creatures? The game has moved on since then and improved somewhat. Pokemon gamers are also a little bit wiser. 

Pokemon Go is still super popular in the smartphone world. Not only is it a fun game to play with lots of cool new creatures to catch, but it has a real-world application too. Using the Pokemon app, you can discover areas when you travel and have some Pokemon fun at the same time.     

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  1. Great suggestions here, especially for those with kids that may need to be occupied. Candy Crush is the quintessential mobile game but these are all fine suggestions!

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