Fun and Easy Ways to DIY and Customize Your Clothes and Accessories

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It’s normal to get the urge to customize your clothes and accessories so that they are more reflective of your personal fashion. Self-expression comes in many forms, after all, and your sense of style is one of them. It’s perfectly fine to customize your clothes and accessories and make them more suited to your taste and complementary to the image that you want to present to the world. Apart from expressing yourself, altering your clothes is also a great way to develop artistic and crafting skills and explore your creative side. To get you started, here are some of the fun and easy ways that you can customize your clothes and fashion accessories. 

Put Your Embroidery Skills to Good Use

If you have an affinity for needlework, then embroidery can be a fun way of customizing your clothes and giving the pieces that you already own a unique look. In case you’re a total beginner, you can start with small pieces and embroidery designs first and work your way up from there. For instance, you can for socks for women and use the pair as a base for your first embroidered artwork. You can use this project to work on your basic embroidery stitches and slowly acquire the tools you’ll need for this particular hobby. Once you’ve developed your skills and patience, you can start working on bigger and more colorful embroidery projects that can serve as the focal point of your outfits. 

Sew Decorative Patches on Your Clothes

Not everyone has the time and patience to work on intricately embroidered pieces, though. If you’re in the same situation and you still want to deck your dresses, jeans, jackets, or bags with embroidered artwork, do not despair. You can still do so in less time by using decorative patches. In the past, patches were used to repair clothes and subtly reinforce spots where the fabric is beginning to show wear and tear. Decorative patches today can still cover up imperfections on your clothes, but these are also used to add color and character to your wardrobe pieces. There are plenty of online resources where you can find embroidered decorative patches of all sizes and themes. Do take note of how you want to attach these patches, as there are patches that are designed to be ironed on, glued, or hand sewn to clothes. 

Turn Scarfs into Cool Summer Outfits

Scarves are an ideal accessory during the colder months, but this doesn’t mean you should stop wearing them during the hotter season. If you have wide, silky scarves with motifs that are close to your heart, you can still wear them during the summer months. You can do this by wearing your scarf as a bandeau or using a necklace to turn it into a halter top. If you have bigger scarves, these can be wrapped and tied around your body to be used as off-shoulder, one-shoulder, and even long-sleeve tops. There are plenty of tutorials online that you can watch to see how it’s done.  

Accentuate Jackets with Fancy Beadwork

Denim jackets are classic pieces that look good with just about any type of casual clothing. However, you may want to spruce up the look of your jackets and make them more distinguishable at first glance. One way of achieving this effect is using beadwork to add design elements to your jacket. Now, there are plenty of areas in your jacket that can benefit from the addition of a few stones or glass beads. You can start small on the collars, cuffs, and hem, but if you have a bigger design in mind, you can use the back of your jacket as a base for your beadwork. 

Add Discrete Pockets to Your Casual Dresses

Perhaps your style is pretty understated, and you’re perfectly happy with a minimalist look that flies under the radar. However, you might be wishing for casual clothes with more practical functions, like offering additional storage for your everyday items. In this case, it makes sense to study how to add a discrete pocket to the clothes that you wear often. It’s perfectly possible to add pockets to your dresses simply by hand sewing, but the use of a machine will make the task much easier and faster. Since you’re in charge of adding the pockets, you can make them as deep as you need. Many people use the size of their hands to determine how deep their pockets should be, but you can use your phone as a reference if that’s what the pocket will be used for. 

If you’re itching to add your signature to your wardrobe and own your everyday look, then try these activities for starters. Customizing your clothes and accessories is not only a way to express yourself better through your fashion, but it can also be a fun process that will help you exercise creativity and improve your styling skills. 

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