A Very Dinosaur Birthday

There is a new picture book from #1 New York Times bestselling author, Adam Wallace and we know you and your kids will love to read it over and over, again. Dinosaurs and a Birthday Party sounds like a ROAR-some good time to my dinosaur loving family but, how do you think the party will turn out?

Dinosaurs are big, and strong, and scary, and farty,

So do you really want them coming to your birthday party?

Watch out! Birthdays will never be the same with this silly picture book adventure featuring lively rhymes and hilarious illustrations!

This will be a wonderful birthday gift for any child who loves dinosaurs or is curious to learn more about them. It is so fun to read this book aloud because of it’s funny and engaging rhymes. I read this book with some of the younger kids in our family and the laughter was non-stop. They all chose what dinosaurs they would like most to attend their birthday party. The illustrations in the book are so colorful and lively. We highly recommend this book for your child’s book collection. We were already huge fans of Adam Wallace’s , How to Catch series and this has become a new favorite, as well.

Adam Wallace:

Adam Wallace is a New York Times, USA Today and Amazon Bestselling author of the How to Catch series including How to Catch a Leprechaun and How to Catch the Tooth Fairy! His latest book is A Very Dinosaur Birthday (Tommy Nelson, an imprint of HarperCollins / June 20, 2023 / $12.99). Adam’s passion is to bring excitement and energy and humor and joy to children (of all ages!) through his books and videos. He spends his non-writing time thinking about writing and going to as many live music shows as he can. He’s also teaching himself piano and plays golf too. Adam Wallace loves writing stories that make children laugh and gets excited about reading and drawing and writing. He has published over 100 books and loves each one as if it were his child. From How to Catch books to How to Draw books. From gross books to action and adventure books. From rhyming to prose, inspirational to just plain silly, there’s something for kids of all reading abilities, and all ranges of interests.

“I love writing stories that make children laugh and get excited about reading and drawing and writing. I also love taking naps and listening to music. Not at the same time. Well, sometimes. It depends on the song.I have written lottttttts of books, and love writing all different types!I have written How to Catch books and How to Draw books. Gross books and Action and Adventure books.Rhyming books and books that don’t rhyme at all! Inspirational books and silly books and my goal is to have books for all ages and all reading abilities and all interests.And now I have A BRAND NEW SERIES! The first book is called A VERY DINOSAUR BIRTHDAY! I really hope you like it, and my other books too!”

Purchase this book and other titles from Adam Wallace’s Amazon page.


We love Dinosaurs and for years we have been doing fun activities with Dinosaurs and here are some you may enjoy if you decide to have a Dinosaur theme birthday party:




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