Piece by Piece Bethpage Pass Game

Piece by Piece Bethpage was at it again all month long raising awareness for Autism during the month of April in their community. This time they were having a lot of fun with a blue gnome pass game that 10-year-old Kate Clyne came up with along with her family to support Autism Speaks.

blue gnome 2 blue gnome 3

The blue gnomes that are part of Kate’s crew traveled all over Bethpage to different locations. Each day we were delighted to see how many people and businesses in the community shared their pictures in support of Autism by uploading pictures with the blue gnome along with the hashtag #piecebypiecepass. The blue gnome took a picture with the Bethpage FD for Junior Firefighter training, with a happy puppy, Ultimate Gym, and at NSD for Hip Hop Class just to name a few.

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Long Island Moms for Clean Water

By Michelle Pleim

lI moms for clean water

You just finished dinner with the family and it’s that time of the night… bath time. After corralling your children, you plop them in the tub filled with warm water and their favorite water toys (that help make bath time less like a necessary evil and more like playtime). Your mind is sprinting from one thought to another. “Do the kids have clean clothes for school tomorrow?” “What are we going to have for dinner tomorrow night?” “Do I have any meetings tomorrow?” But do you ever stop to think about the water your child uses everyday to clean themselves, play in, and even drink? Where does it come from and how clean is it?

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Shining Child- Aaron Lindner

Our Shining Child for May 2015 is 7-year old Aaron Lindner.

aj - may 2015 shining child sun image momee

Aaron is not your average 7-year old boy he is a young boy with a mission and that is to raise awareness for Brain Cancer because he himself is battling a rare form of brain cancer.

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What a beautiful day it is to pay tribute to all mothers, to thank them for all the little things they do and all the sacrifices they make for those they love and care. Not only have I been blessed with a Mom who still guides and supports me and my 5 siblings, in all our ups and downs, but I’ve been lucky to have so many mother figures in my life – strong women who have taken me under their wings in one way or another.  Today, I celebrate them and revel in their triumphs, find comfort in their strength, and inspiration from their personal stories. 


Momee Friends is launching a very special campaign to honor all caregivers, especially those who advocate for children.  Each month, we will share stories about some very special people we call WARRIOR MOMEES. 

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Piece by Piece Bethpage

Have you heard of Kate Clyne?

She is this amazing 9 year-old girl who is shining in our community and I can not wait to tell you her story.

piece by piece kate

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