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Have you heard of Kate Clyne?

She is this amazing 9 year-old girl who is shining in our community and I can not wait to tell you her story.

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I only came across Kate’s Facebook page on Monday and I reached out to her mom right away. I was inspired, amazed and happy to see such a young girl doing such big things and being an advocate for her younger brother who has autism.

The Clyne family is known in their town of Bethpage thanks to Kate’s campaign to increase Autism Awareness. Kate started raising awareness in her community 3 years ago when she was in 1st grade. At age six, she began talking about Autism to her peers and she decided she wanted to hand out blue ribbons to her class on April 2nd for Autism Awareness Day. Kate explains that Autism is invisible and even though you can see her brother Michael what you don’t see is that he has Autism. Every year since 1st grade what Kate does in her school to raise awareness grows and so does her passion according to her mother, Jeanie.

“For the past three years, Kate has been building on her own Autism Awareness Crusade at Central Blvd School in Bethpage, New York. With a little help from Mom, Kate was introduced to a young author and illustrator named Michael Werner. For the past two years he has complimented Kate’s efforts with visits to her class to read his book, Aspey’s Adventures with Aspergers and answer questions.”Autism Speaks

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The love that Kate has for her brother is heartwarming and endearing.

“When I grow up I want to be something with Autism Speaks.” Kate’s unconditional love for Michael drives her passion for autism education. She is determined to help him and ensure that the world perceives her brother as she does – as a person with unlimited potential for success.- Autism Speaks


At such a young age Kate is speaking to us and presenting information to her peers about Autism. She is already making a difference in our community and I can not wait to see what she continues to do year after year.

Way to go Kate! May your positive spirit and love for Michael continue to inspire others and raise awareness. Please know that Momee Friends of Long Island will support you every step of the way!

You are amazing!

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The Clyne family is beautiful inside and out and I am so happy to share their story. Thank you Jeanie for allowing me to do so. : )

In the picture below you will see Jeanie Clyne, Kate, Kevin Clyne and Michael in a family photo.

piece by piece family

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