What a beautiful day it is to pay tribute to all mothers, to thank them for all the little things they do and all the sacrifices they make for those they love and care. Not only have I been blessed with a Mom who still guides and supports me and my 5 siblings, in all our ups and downs, but I’ve been lucky to have so many mother figures in my life – strong women who have taken me under their wings in one way or another.  Today, I celebrate them and revel in their triumphs, find comfort in their strength, and inspiration from their personal stories. 


Momee Friends is launching a very special campaign to honor all caregivers, especially those who advocate for children.  Each month, we will share stories about some very special people we call WARRIOR MOMEES. 

A few weeks ago, I shared my experience meeting Officer Kenneth Baribault, the former police officer who suffered a traumatic brain injury and was not expected to live.  But with the help of his family, particularly his mother, Patricia Baribault, he is making great strides in his long road to recovery.  After all the specialists and doctors were resigned to believe that Kenneth’s prognosis was bleak, Patricia remained steadfast in her faith and belief that her son would not only live, but would thrive.  She is a WARRIOR MOMEE!


Kimberly Koch is my friend and inspiration behind our “WARRIOR MOMEES”.  I was immediately enamored by Kimberly and her little boy, Zachariah, when I first met them, and as I’ve gotten to know them, I’ve grown to adore them even more. Here’s why!

kim kim1

“Hello all, my name is Kim and I am a Warrior Mom to my son Zachariah. It sounds so intimidating and a few years ago I would have thought a Warrior Mom was a crazy mom who lives in the mountains and trains her children to be silent ninjas. And then I became a mom and Warrior Mom has a whole new meaning. When I was pregnant I had all these great ideas that I was going to have this perfect child and he or she was going to do great things and change the world. I used to tell everyone when my child is old enough they will be fluent in sign language so they will never have an excuse to not include another child in what they are doing. Then when Zachariah was 18 months old we got our diagnosis and my whole world turned upside down. We are proudly on the Autism Spectrum. I always refer to it as our diagnosis, because it is a journey we will always share and I will never let him travel it alone. Then we were told that Zachariah may not speak for a few years and I should start teaching him sign language. My dream came true, we were learning sign language and I realized that I had the perfect child for me and together we were going to change the world. Warrior Mom to me now means that I will fight for my child, and any other person who cannot fight for themselves, I have educated myself in all things IEP, and continue to research activities and therapies that will encourage growth in my son. It also means that I have become the voice for those who cannot find their words, I have become a shoulder for other Moms to cry on, and I have become that one friend that just gets it. I have met some amazing people on this journey and they have helped me to help other moms and families. But the most important thing I have learned is I am not alone and I cannot do this alone.”

There is no doubt that the people who come into your life are there for a reason – always arriving at the right place, and the right time.  I have learned to not question such a gift, but to simply be grateful for these beautiful people who grace my life with love and joy.  

We invite you to share your stories of the special WARRIOR MOMEES in your life to simply celebrate and inspire others. 

Happy Mothers’ Day to all WARRIOR MOMEES!

Thank you,
Ann Marie Aguila Pizano
Seeds of Love Creative Enrichment Inc.

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