ASL Discoveries- Words related to October

Our names are Elizabeth and Julia and we can not wait to help you learn sign language!

We are ASL Discoveries and we hope you enjoying learning sign as much as we love teaching it.

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Since the month of October is related to Halloween and Fall here are 9 words related to the month.

1. Fall                      5. Leaves 
2. Halloween           6. Orange
3. Pumpkin             7. Candy
4. Tree                    8. Apple              9. Pie

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Long Island Pies

It is the season of Pie! I love pie for dessert and I am sure there are lots of pie lovers out there.
There are a few locations on Long Island that have some delicious fresh pie that you just have to get your hands on this season.


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Apple Picking on Long Island

Looking to go Apple Picking?

We have some great places listed below where you can Pick Your Own and enjoy a lot of fun FALL activities at our local farms.

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BIG APPLE CIRCUS- Autism Friendly Show Review

The reviews are in and the Autism Friendly Big Apple Circus Show was a hit! On June 2nd Momee Friends was lucky enough to go to the first Autism Friendly Show put on by the always family friendly and entertaining Big Apple Circus.


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Apple Potato Hash

I love Apple Season and cooking with Apples.

Yesterday morning I made my family a delicious Apple Potato Hash and it was a successful dish I just had to share with all my fellow Momees.

applehashbookworms 012

All you need is:

 3 delicious Apples ( maybe ones you picked yourself )—-> Apple Picking on Long Island

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