BubbleBum’s Car Travel Essentials

 BubbleBum has all the essentials needed for a comfy and cozy ride to make our kids comfortable and happy for road trips and all car travels!


BubbleBum is not only convenient but, it helps ensure that EVERY child has a safe booster seat on EVERY ride.

We are so excited that one of our lucky readers has the opportunity to win a prize pack courtesy of BubbleBum at the bottom of this blog post!

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“CHAD” stickers for children’s car seats

This was a great blog post I read and I wanted to share this information with all of my fellow Momee Friends. A simple thing most parents probably don’t think to do – See more at: Rockford Parent


Below is an image of a “CHAD: sticker or better known as “Children have an Identity”

I got the image from The Travelers Protective Association of America

“ADVICE: Place a sticker on each child’s car seat providing information that can help rescuers. Include: child’s name & DOB, parent’s names, DOB & phone, emergency contact info, child’s doctor, any medical issues and any medications.”

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My Top Picks for a Baby Registry

Hey there soon to be Momees…

First, Congratulations you are bringing a beautiful baby or babies into this world (and of course they will have your good looks and brains 🙂 )

Once you see how much a little baby needs you are going to be like, how is this possible?

Thank goodness for all of your amazing family and friends because they are happy for you and want to spoil this little bundle of joy with lots of presents at your baby shower.

So its registry time and you are excited but of course overwhelmed.

What brand do you pick? what pattern do you buy? And how much of this do I need? and is this product even necessary? are all questions you will have.

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