BubbleBum’s Car Travel Essentials

 BubbleBum has all the essentials needed for a comfy and cozy ride to make our kids comfortable and happy for road trips and all car travels!


BubbleBum is not only convenient but, it helps ensure that EVERY child has a safe booster seat on EVERY ride.

We are so excited that one of our lucky readers has the opportunity to win a prize pack courtesy of BubbleBum at the bottom of this blog post!

When I first saw this product I couldn’t believe my eyes that there was a product that I could use as a booster seat that was light enough to carry around but, also safe for my child to be in. I just had to learn more about this product that could make things a lot easier when we travel in the car. I also love that the product was created by a mom. Who better to recognize the needs of parents than a parent who recognized a need and created it. Love supporting other parents!

BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat

BubbleBum was created by an Irish mom-of-two, Grainne Kelly, as a solution to her own struggles while lugging heavy booster seats during her travels with her kids. Now, BubbleBum is leading the way in ensuring that EVERY child has a safe and comfortable booster seat on EVERY car ride.

Weighing in at less than one pound, BubbleBum can deflate in minutes, making it simple to throw in a backpack or large purse. BubbleBum includes belt positioning clips in place of arm rests, so it’s possible to fit three boosters across the back seat of a car, minivan, or SUV. It is the perfect travel companion for road trips, vacations, cab rides, fly-ins, and more. Kids also love the stylish black and pink chevron designs! 

    Award-winning BubbleBum is the original, inflatable car booster seat for kids aged 4-11 years, weighing 40-100 lbs. It is perfect for road trips/vacations, fly ins with car rental, taxi rides and every day carpooling. BubbleBum’s air-filled design provides extra comfort and will keep kids comfy AND safe for all long and short car trips! Weighing in at less than one pound, BubbleBum can deflate in minutes, making it simple to throw in a backpack or large purse.

I also love that it is small enough to store in other friends and family members cars that may pick up or drop off your child places without taking up a lot of room in their car.

My husband was able to inflate the BubbleBum booster in seconds by blowing into the valve.

The IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) chose BubbleBum as the “Best Bet” in their booster seat evaluation report for the past 6 years. Parents can trust BubbleBum to keep their most precious cargo safe in the event of an automobile accident. BubbleBum provides the perfect “boost” to keep kiddos from slouching to bend their legs over the edge of the car seat. Slumping introduces slack into the belt path and can lead to submarining (where the seat belt slides above the pelvis and into the abdominal area). This is extremely dangerous, as it can cause abdominal injury in the event of an accident.

It is crucial that all kids aged 4-11 use a car booster seat to ensure their safety while on the road. It is proven that car booster seats improve a child’s safety in the car by 59%


A majority of adults don’t know the true purpose of a child car booster seat? It’s true! Out of 500 adults ages 25-55 surveyed by BubbleBum via Google Consumer Surveys, only 15.9% knew that car booster seats are specifically made to keep the lapbelt from rising up into the abdomen and that over 32% have been in a position where their child had to travel without a booster seat. 

BubbleBum includes belt-positioning clips in place of arm rests, so it’s possible to fit three boosters across the back seat of a car, minivan, or SUV.

Available in Pink (Cotton Candy/Raspberry) or Black, it retails for $29.99 at http://www.bubblebum.co/us/


The Sneck pillow system is a travel pillow that converts into multiple uses.  This innovative design makes napping in the car more comfortable than possible in the past. The travel pillow’s micro-bead pods and cozy material allow kids to nap without getting a kinky neck.

My kids are loving the super comfortable sneck. No more neck slouching for us when we take a nap in the car. Our snecks are always in the car in case the Long Island traffic keeps us in the car a bit longer than we planned and the kids get tired.

It is perfect to take along on car rides, plane trips, or journey by bus. The Sneck easily attaches to the headrest with a Velcro strap so it stays in place allowing kids to rest without having to reposition the pillow.  The stash pocket allows kids to store MP3 players or small toys.  The three way design allows kids to manipulate the position for optimal comfort.

Retails for $14.99 at https://www.bubblebum.co/us/product/sneck/

View their latest product:


*NEW* The Junkie transforms your backseat, organizes your junk and keeps your kids entertained. With a “tech mount” for kids to share one device, both kids can access, interact and view together. Two compact, retractable activity trays for snacking and play. Junkie also features two convenient cup holders. Expanding compartment fits the removable, reuseable, refillable tote bag with insulated pocket, to transport all your junk from home to car.

*I have not reviewed this product but, it looks great and convenient*

Retails for $39.99 at http://www.bubblebum.co/us/product/junkie/

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