My Top Picks for a Baby Registry

Hey there soon to be Momees…

First, Congratulations you are bringing a beautiful baby or babies into this world (and of course they will have your good looks and brains ūüôā )

Once you see how much a little baby needs you are going to be like, how is this possible?

Thank goodness for all of your amazing family and friends because they are happy for you and want to spoil this little bundle of joy with lots of presents at your baby shower.

So its registry time and you are excited but of course overwhelmed.

What brand do you pick? what pattern do you buy? And how much of this do I need? and is this product even necessary? are all questions you will have.

My suggestion to you is bring a Momee friend along that has recently had a baby and can tell you what you need and do not need.

I recently, went with a friend of mine who is due in December and I had a blast looking though everything with her.

We went to Babies R Us ( which is a fantastic place for first time Momees to register at) and I took pictures of the items I just could not live without:

1. The Graco 4 in 1 HighChair

This is one of the best presents I received from our aunt at the baby shower. And I still use it and Mia is 2 years old. Unlike other high chairs this one grows with your child and you definitely get your moneys worth with this product. From the time Mia was able to keep her head up around 4/5 months I used this high chair. Mia eats in it and relaxes in it, does her artwork while sitting in this chair. There are 3 trays one that is for eating and easily wipes clean with a cup holder, one that is a large surface and flat and a tiny tray with a cup holder as well. Once your child does not want to be restrained to the tray in front, you can remove the tray and it becomes a booster that wheels to the table. So your big boy or girl will feel like they are sitting at the table but they are safely strapped in.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product ( shown below)

shellfun 049 shellfun 048

2. Munchkin- The Arm  and Hammer Diaper Pail

I could not live without this product the convenience alone is worth getting this product. A baby needs to be changed a lot throughout the day and there is nothing easier than¬†having this pail next to your changing table to throw away those stinky diapers/ pee diapers. The arm and hammer baking soda smell helps remove the smell and keep the room smelling fresh. I used this product for the first year and a half. It made life so much easier and so happy I chose to get one. You will be too and don’t forget to add the bag refills to your registry as well.

shellfun 053

3. The Graco Fast Action Fold Sport Click Stroller – Travel System

I did not have this particular stroller but I did have a Graco and I wish this one was available two years ago. I love that it has 3 wheels and is easy to move around. It folds away and becomes very thin and you can fold it with one hand. Oh did I mention, it comes with the infant car seat. I loved the Graco infant car seats they are durable but light enough for our Momee muscles to handle.

Highly recommend this stroller ( shown below )

shellfun 045shellfun 046

4. Graco Smart Seat All in One

I loooooove¬†this car seat. Once Mia outgrew the infant car seat and I wanted to put her in the front facing position, this was the Ultimate best choice we made. The seat is comfortable and adjustable. “The Graco Smart Seat All-in-One Car Seat in Larkin and its base are designed with your child‚Äôs safety in mind.¬† Both are reinforced with steel, while the Smart Seat has been side-impact tested to meet all US safety standards.¬† The seat is built with EPS energy-absorbing foam for impact safety and 5-position recline options to ensure your child has a comfortable ride.” It also is good for a child that needs a forward facing car seat up to 100 pounds and the back¬†of the seat rises as your child gets taller.

Mia loves the car seat and we have done very long car trips in this seat and she was content the whole time. It has a drink holder for Mia’s sippy cup that she can easily reach herself. There are other little compartments on the inside sides that Mia loves to put¬†little treasures into. In case she wants to play with them at a certain point during our outing.

We love this car seat and I highly recommend it!

shellfun 047

* These are my Top Bigger Items to purchase* – I love Graco products as you can tell and they are durable and are not over priced.

I hope this helps you when you are making your decisions for your registry! And please continue to modify your registry, once you leave the store you can change and add items online.

I am so happy for you and congratulations Momee to be…

If you have any questions on any of the products or want to know my opinion on any other products please comment below or email me:

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