News 12- Indoor Fun

Turning things around the house into indoor fun.

Anne and Elizabeth show you how fun a rainy day can be.

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Melted Crayon Art

Some days I color with our Crayons and that’s cool but some days I melt mine to make art and it is AWESOME!

This is such a simple and fun art project once you start creating you are not going to want to stop. It is so much fun.

Melted Crayon Art

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Crayola’s 110th Anniversary

If you are not a fan of Crayola on Facebook now is the time to do it… Crayola is celebrating their original 8 colors with a celebration that includes all of you!


Learn more here:

Do you know the original 8 colors?

Black, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Red, Green and Brown

and for a limited time you can purchase the original 8 in a vintage pack but with new names that were picked by Facebook fans of Crayola

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