Melted Crayon Art

Some days I color with our Crayons and that’s cool but some days I melt mine to make art and it is AWESOME!

This is such a simple and fun art project once you start creating you are not going to want to stop. It is so much fun.

Melted Crayon Art

To make these projects all you need is:

A canvas (any size you want) or Construction Paper

Crayons (Whole or Broken)

Hot Glue Gun

Hair Dryer

Finger paints (assorted colors)

Black Sharpie Marker


1. For the Large Rainbow Hand Canvas:

First, have your child put their handprints on the canvas using different color finger paints.



Then, using the Black Sharpie Marker write fun art words onto the canvas. (shown below)


Hot glue the crayons spaced out evenly on top of the canvas.


Using a hair dryer on its hottest and highest setting begin to melt the crayons. Start with one crayon and as the hair dryer heats the crayons you will see them drip and splatter. This is a lot of fun to watch and how you point the hair dryer will effect the way the splatters look. Have fun creating and making your one of a kind Melted Crayon Masterpiece!

IMG_5870 IMG_5872 IMG_5875

Our Masterpiece is complete and I love how it turned out.

We hung it in our craft area and it looks so great!


Once you start melting crayons for art projects you are not going to want to stop it is so much fun!

But, please be aware the wax of the crayons does splatter once it starts to melt so make sure you cover anything around the project because it will have melted splatter crayon marks on it. Thank goodness I did this on the easel in our art corner because our wall looks like a piece of art now.

OOOPS… shhh don’t tell my husband! hahaha


2. Smaller Art Canvas Picture

First, write on the canvas with Black Sharpie Marker


Then, hot glue crayons across top of canvas


Use your hair dryer like you did in the last project and see the art creation appear before your eyes within a minute or two.

IMG_5786 IMG_5787

This one is complete as well!


Instead of canvas I decided to use construction paper and broken crayons. I hate to throw crayons out so I either make new ones… SEE HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN CRAYONS BY CLICKING —-> here


now I am going to melt them to make cool art projects : )

3. Construction Paper Melted Crayon Art

For this project tape the construction paper to a piece of cardboard. In this case I used the front of a Cheerios Box as my cardboard. I love to reuse and recycle items.


I then used my Black Sharpie marker to draw what I wanted to melt crayons around. I decided to do a heart and my daughter’s name. You can draw anything and have fun with this project!

ImAgInE and CrEaTe!


I then placed the broken crayons around the heart and around Mia’s name.

IMG_5738 IMG_5763

Using your hair dryer melt the crayons like we did in our last two projects and this time have the dryer blow the melted crayon wax in all different directions.

IMG_5745 IMG_5751

Your projects will look awesome. Once dry peel the left over crayon off your picture and you can reuse them onto the next melted crayon picture.

IMG_5757 IMG_5768

I got the idea of doing Melted Crayon Art projects after seeing them on Pinterest and particularly seeing how to do this awesome project from the blog: My Creative Way and DIY Melted Crayon Art

From My Momee Craft Corner to yours… HAPPY CRAFTING!

Pass me the box of crayons so I can melt them on my canvas.

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