News 12- Crafty with Shells and Rocks

Getting crafty with your nature walk treasures!

It is Summer time and living on Long Island we love going toward the water and beach combing for shells and rocks. Once you collect them you can turn those tiny treasures into beautiful works of art.

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Princess Elsa Wreath – Frozen Inspired

My daughter just like every other child is obsessed with Frozen! She loves Princess Elsa.

I was excited to make a Frozen wreath for her bedroom door for the holidays.

(But, I will probably keep it up year round since she will demand it stay up!)


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Valentine’s Day Crown

When watching Doc McStuffins we got the idea to make these adorable Valentine’s Day Crowns.

In the Valentine’s Day episode Doc and Lambie are wearing the crowns and I knew Mia would love to wear one too.


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