News 12- Crafty with Shells and Rocks

Getting crafty with your nature walk treasures!

It is Summer time and living on Long Island we love going toward the water and beach combing for shells and rocks. Once you collect them you can turn those tiny treasures into beautiful works of art.

Turn those rocks into recognizable movie favorites like Trolls or the Heart of Tafiti from Moana.

Read how to make the troll rocks: here


Sea Shell Canvas Art

With seashells you can create beautiful canvas art with your older children/ teens.We took broken pieces of shells we found and formed a mermaid tail. Then we used sharpie marker to hand draw a mermaid on top of the tail.

We made a half seashell mermaid canvas to show but, get creative with your own sea inspired creation.



For the younger kids you can print out black silhouette images and try to cover the black area in with whole and broken sea shells for a fun DIY puzzle.

Sea Shell Frames

Have large clam shells? Create a fun photo frame!

I used modge podge to attach the photo to the inside of the clam shell and then used a hot glue gun to glue the extra shells to the largest shell. Makes an adorable keepsake or gift for a loved one.


You can create a beautiful nature crown with real leaves and flowers or just head to your local craft store/ dollar tree to make your own crown using an artificial vine, flowers and ribbon.

  • I twisted the crown into a circle shape to fit my head then I placed the flowers around the vine and attached them with flower wire.

I love that Elizabeth felt like we looked like a snap chat filter without the filter. Beautiful Flower Crowns for fun photos with friends.


Fairy Garden

Make your own Fairy Garden with dirt, rocks and flowers.

My pinterest inspiration for the Fairy Garden was:


Hope you enjoyed our #LISummer segment on News 12 Long Island with fellow Momee Friend, Elizabeth Hashagen!

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