Casa de Spin Painting Parlor

We are absolutely loving Casa de Spin Painting Parlor.

A Spin Art experience for everyone in your family to enjoy located in Massapequa, NY.

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From the Emmy® Award Winning writer of “Roseanne”, “Mad About You” & “Rugrats”

Tradition is a funny thing…


A New Comedy Written by & Starring Monica Piper

“Certified 100% Hilarious” -Roseanne Barr

Emmy® Award-winning and Golden Globe® nominated writer, actress and comedian Monica Piper stars in this hilarious and heartfelt autobiographical ride of a Jew-“ish” woman’s life.  

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Momee Advice Needed: Babysitters

Want to go out on a date with your husband is the easy part… it is trusting the sitter that is watching your kids!

I received an email from a local Momee friend… she needs advice please help her out : )

“My husband and I have been wanting to do if not weekly (at least twice a month) date nights. My parents and my husbands parents live far from us and we have no other family near by to watch our kids.

 How do you go about finding a sitter you can trust? I am a nervous wreck about letting a stranger in my house.

Is it weird to ask for references? or have them come here when I am home first to see how my kids are with the new sitter? also should I buy one of those bears with the camera in it to make myself feel better?”