7 Ways to Celebrate Your Husband for Father’s Day

Considering all the things your husband does for the family, it’s important that you acknowledge that hard work and celebrate him every once in a while. Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your husband how much you appreciate them. Not sure how to make him feel special on his big day? Check out these 7 ways to celebrate your husband for Father’s Day.

1. Breakfast in Bed

The best food is food somebody else cooks for you, especially when you get to relax in bed and wait for that meal to arrive. Breakfast in bed is the perfect way to start off your husband’s Father’s Day this year. Whether your husband loves a good breakfast sandwich with homemade coffee or bacon and eggs with orange juice, all you need is to load it up onto a tray and you’re good to go.

2. A Day Off

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the monotony of life. Just because some people like to spend Father’s Day doing extravagant things and having fun with the family doesn’t mean that’s what everybody wants. For some dads, a simple day off is the best way to celebrate the day. A break from cooking, cleaning, and dealing with the kids’ arguments can work wonders.

3. Gift Baskets

Gifts are always a good way to show somebody you appreciate them, so show your husband how much you care with a gift basket this Father’s Day. You can have candy gift baskets shipped to your home to surprise your husband, or you can choose from tons of other gift baskets depending on what kinds of treats he prefers—from meats and cheeses, to fruits and nuts. 

4. Golf

If your husband loves to golf, a day of golf is a great way to treat him for Father’s Day. You can take care of the kids for the day and get him a tee time with his buddies, or you can tag along and bring the kids for a family golf day. If you want to score extra points, you can pick up some new golf clubs or apparel for your husband at the pro shop.

5. Date Night

Going on dates is difficult when you have kids, but sometimes you have to make time. A date night is a great way to treat your husband for Father’s Day. Find a trustworthy babysitter for the night and go see a movie, have dinner, and enjoy the night to yourselves. Or, choose any activity he loves, whether that’s playing pool, watching live music, or paintballing.

6. Massage

Between working and taking care of the family, life can get stressful for father figures. Why not give him a day of rest and relaxation by setting a massage for him. If he has a preference for the type of massage he prefers, keep that in mind when booking the appointment. Or, if you’re unsure what he’ll like, give him a spa gift card so he can schedule one for himself in the future. If you want to spend the day together, purchase a couple’s massage for the two of you.

7. Family Time

Some dads love spending time with family more than anything else. If your husband is all about family, make Father’s Day all about family, too. There are tons of fun ways you can enjoy a day together, from taking a hike and enjoying nature to seeing a movie or even going out to dinner. When it comes to reminding your husband why you love and appreciate him, spending a fun-filled day with the family is one of the best things you can do.

Making Father’s Day special year after year isn’t easy, but there are lots of great ways to spoil your husband. Whether you choose a day off and a gift basket surprise or a day of golf, your husband will appreciate you putting effort into making Father’s Day special.

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