Strawberry Picking- 2018

I love this time of year when Strawberries become available for picking.

Will you celebrate Strawberry Season this year with your family?

We have a great list of U-Pick Farms and Upcoming Festivals for you.

Tip:  Pick your own is subject to availability and weather conditions. Please call the farm ahead of time before visiting.

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What’s the saying? There are two sides to every coin?  Good and bad, yin and yang, and with every pro there is a con.  We were recently criticized for the name of our company (Momee Friends, Inc.)  and being that it is Father’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to address the naysayer who feels as though our name leaves out other caregivers like Dads and grandparents, or other legal guardians.  On the contrary, Momee Friends salutes and celebrates all caregivers, especially on a day like Father’s Day!

 fathers day

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