Crafty Fathers Day Cards

There is nothing better than a card made by a child to their parent.

I love homemade cards and these are some great ideas for you to make this Father’s Day.

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3.treasure  4.peanut

1. Toolbox card: Mia made this card at school for her Daddy.

It is so cute and any dad who works with tools will love this card.

peanut4  peanut5


2. Game time with Daddy Card: Homemade card with craft sticks, construction paper, pom poms and a picture.

A fun card for a daddy who loves to play video games.

mommyblog3 055

3. Treasure at the end of the rainbow: a colorful card that is so cute.

treasure treasure1

4. A Lil’ Peanut Card: not only cute but delicious too : )




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