Father’s Day Peanut M&M Card

This card is perfect for any daddy or Grandpa who has a little peanut they love so much on Father’s Day.


All you need to make this card is:

a bag of M&M’s , Sharpie marker, a button, 1 piece of construction paper, glue and a garbage tie


To make this card all you have to do is take the M&M bag and the garbage tie and make it look like a bow tie.

Do this by tying the garbage tie around the center of the M&M bag.


Then glue the button in the center of the bag on the garbage tie.


Next, Glue the bag onto the construction paper and decorate it.

Make sure you write Love: your lil’ peanut!


I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to make it.

Check out my board and this pin by going to Momee Friends of Long Island Pinterest page and follow me on there.

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