Budsies – Personalized Gifts

Budsies​ was able to transform one of our favorite drawings into a plush toy that we can love and cherish forever.


The peacock drawing has always made us smile and it is bringing even bigger smiles now.

I love how they transformed the details from my daughter’s drawing she drew her daddy 3 years ago into a sentimental gift we can all love. The large smile and bright colors were a perfect match. The plush is so soft and cozy you will love hugging your one-of-a-kind creation over and over, again.

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Fall Leaf People

Leaves come in all shapes and sizes just like people.
Since I love doing art with fall leaves I decided to make some cute people out of the leaves and other fun materials after seeing a similar idea on Pinterest.


Using colorful fall leaves and crafting materials such as buttons, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes and my handy dandy hot glue I made some really cute leaf people.

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