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Budsies​ was able to transform one of our favorite drawings into a plush toy that we can love and cherish forever.


The peacock drawing has always made us smile and it is bringing even bigger smiles now.

I love how they transformed the details from my daughter’s drawing she drew her daddy 3 years ago into a sentimental gift we can all love. The large smile and bright colors were a perfect match. The plush is so soft and cozy you will love hugging your one-of-a-kind creation over and over, again.

As soon as we opened the box my daughter could not resist hugging her peacock creation. Don’t you wish you could hug it from your device screen?

I appreciated that during the transformation process I received an email asking, “Would you like the blue and purple hearts with the gems as large feathers on the back of the body or on the ends of the feathers?”

I responded by saying I like the idea of the blue and purple hearts being on the back of the plush and it looks fantastic.

There was such a great attention to detail by the team at Budsies and the customer service is superb. I was so impressed by the entire process from beginning to end. You can tell that Budsies cares about their customers and wants to make sure that your custom gift is exactly what you want.

As you can see by the beaming smile on my daughter’s face she loves how this gift turned out for her daddy! 


We highly recommend Budsies for their quality service and products!

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