Fall Leaf People

Leaves come in all shapes and sizes just like people.
Since I love doing art with fall leaves I decided to make some cute people out of the leaves and other fun materials after seeing a similar idea on Pinterest.


Using colorful fall leaves and crafting materials such as buttons, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes and my handy dandy hot glue I made some really cute leaf people.

* If you follow my crafts you will see I am a Momee who loves her hot glue gun! *

IMG_2758 IMG_2759

Here are some of my lady leaf people:

IMG_2771 This leaf lady is having a great time dancing!

IMG_2779 This leaf lady is going shopping with her purse in hand and a bow on her head.


Here are some of my leaf men:

IMG_2781 IMG_2775


Be creative and looking at the leaves you will figure out what shape you want the head, body and legs or arms, as well as the extra add-ons to look like. These are cute and your child will have fun mixing and matching the leaves. I am not going to lie but for adults this is a really fun craft, too.

From my Momee Craft corner to yours… Happy Fall Crafting!

My inspiration from Pinterest: 87962e695f7b73df43972a6d3db0ce84


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