DIY Squishy Stress Balls

Everyone gets stressed even our kids. It is very common to see both kids and adults struggle with anxiety.

“Releasing tension with a stress ball can be very calming and therapeutic”, says Erika Burdick.

Try this easy DIY stress ball and watch the stress disappear.

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Play Dough Snails on Wheels

So the movie Turbo comes out today (July 19th) and whenever a fun kid movie comes out I want to do a fun activity that goes along with the movie.

snailcars 004

The movie is about  “A misfit snail with a need for speed & strives to earn a slot in the Indy 500 in this adrenaline-charged adventure for the entire family. Turbo (voice of Ryan Reynolds) may live life at a snail’s pace, but his dreams charge along at light speed.”

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Play- Doh States of America

Play-Doh recently completed all the icons for all the States in America on their Facebook page —- > Play-Doh


I loved looking at the stages each day of each state as they decided which icon would be for each state.

Of course New York we have our Lady Liberty representing and I think they did a great job sculpting with Play-Doh this American icon. What do you think?

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