Valentine’s Day Potato Stamping

A classic idea of using potatoes as a stamp is used to make a heart painting for Valentine’s Day.

A perfect way for those little toddler hands to create.

potato stamping

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Sweet Potato Balls

Did you think a sweet potato could taste any better?

This recipe allows the sweet potato to become even sweeter with a delicious Marshmallow center, and crispy cornflake outer layer topped with maple syrup.

These Sweet Potato Balls are so Yummy… that this side dish will have you wondering if it is a dessert? or breakfast? or does it belong with your dinner?

sweet potato balls

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Want to be a Small Potatoe?

Here is Mike, Mia and I when Mia was about a month old.

The same picture and we are now a family of Small Potatoes…

1002633_662671643752574_452019753_n mia pics 017

Would you like to have one of your photos turned into small potatoes?

All you have to do is have a Facebook page and “like” Small Potatoes — > click here

Post on their wall between 7 am and 9am EST the photo you would like to have turned into a Small Potatoe and that day or the next you will have your picture!

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