Want to be a Small Potatoe?

Here is Mike, Mia and I when Mia was about a month old.

The same picture and we are now a family of Small Potatoes…

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Would you like to have one of your photos turned into small potatoes?

All you have to do is have a Facebook page and “like” Small Potatoes — > click here

Post on their wall between 7 am and 9am EST the photo you would like to have turned into a Small Potatoe and that day or the next you will have your picture!

In the meantime, hope you’ll follow them on Instagram!

I love our small potatoes family picture and this company is wonderful and your picture is turned into a small potatoe for FREE, yes FREE! ( only 1 picture per person )

You can also have your small potatoes printed on whatever you want by Café Press because they have a small potatoes shop—-> Café Press.com 

Meet the Small Potatoes DVD— > exclusively at Walmart


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