News 12- Indoor Fun

Turning things around the house into indoor fun.

Anne and Elizabeth show you how fun a rainy day can be.

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Long Island Puppet Theater

A hidden gem on Long Island that is simply magical!

Kids young and old will enjoy their experience at this one of a kind puppet theater.

Entertaining, Engaging and Exciting!

From the time you pull up to the tent-like building the kids are excited to go in. But, as you open the doors the enchantment begins for all who enter. The room is filled with decorations as you look up you will see beautiful decor hanging from the ceiling then look to the left and look to the right and you will see more and more artistry that fills the space with so much charm. You can not help but be eager to see what will happen next as you wait for the show to begin.

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Circus 1903 at Madison Square Garden


Welcome to the world of Circus 1903 – it’s the circus reimagined, a show for all ages!


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Winter 2014 Family Theatre

The holiday season is approaching us and the holidays will be here before we know it.

Support our local theatres and see some great shows that celebrate the holiday season and are made for families to enjoy.

I highly recommend taking your family to any one of these productions listed below:


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Turkey Hand Puppet and Songs

I love Hand Puppets and using them to tell my daughters stories and songs.
Here is a cute Turkey Puppet and cute stories and songs you can use with the puppet found below in this blog post.


Some of my favorite Turkey Songs and Stories:

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5 Little Pumpkins Finger Puppet Gloves

My daughter loves the book 5 little pumpkins. Last year she was given the book by our neighbor Joanne and she reads it all year round.

I remember this story from when I was a child and it is so much fun for Halloween. So I decided to make these finger puppet gloves after seeing similar ones on Pinterest.


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Sock Puppets

Sock puppets are a great way to laugh, express emotion and do one of my favorite things- CRAFT!

mommyblog3 032 mommyblog3 033

Do you have an extra sock because the other went missing once it went into the mysterious land of missing laundry socks?

Make a sock puppet and you will have hours of fun with your child.

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